How to be a Redhead Shark Tank: Cosmetic Line Designed For Redheads

When it comes to taking care of one’s looks, it is not always easy to find products that suit you the best. This can be even more heard when you have certain genetic traits that are not catered to widely in the world of cosmetics. This was a pain felt keenly by sisters Adrienne Vendetti Hodges and Stephanie Vendetti, who had struggled for many years to find products that suited them as redheads. Hence, they went on to establish How to be a Redhead (AKA H2BAR), which gave the world a brand new line of cosmetics focused on people with red hair. In order to promote their brand and gain funding, the two appeared in season 15, episode 14 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’

How to be a Redhead: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

On January 11, 2011, Adrienne Vendetti Hodges and Stephanie Vendetti created How to be a Redhead in order to realize the goals that they had been pursuing for a long time. As natural redheads, the two had struggled to find suitable cosmetic products from a young age. Even the items that claimed to be made for them often led to irritated skin. After seeing even the experts at stores having a hard time finding products that suited the sister’s complexions, Stephanie went through a blonde phase during her teenage years but never stopped wishing for a solution to the issue.

Hence, Adrienne and Stephanie decided to be the answers to their own needs. The two started to experiment with products on their own, creating some that suited their complexion and hair color the best. The fact that they were able to find a mascara that suited their light-colored eyelashes certainly seemed like an achievement. The additional finding of eyebrow products that worked magic on them only boosted their confidence in the journey that they had embarked upon.

Another major motivation for Adrienne and Stephanie to establish How to be a Redhead was to fill the role of mentors that they never found growing up. Given the numerous trips and tricks that they had learned over the years, they decided to be open about their knowledge and share it all with those who wanted to find the right products and techniques for themselves as redheads. They also made sure that each and every product they sold via their company was tried and tested for at least ten days on someone who was naturally a redhead.

Thanks to their stellar work, Adrienne and Stephanie have gained much recognition in the beauty industry. Not only were the two L’Oreal Paris Brand Ambassadors in 2012, but they also released a book in 2016 that shared the name with their brand. In order to promote their brand and general care of redheads, Adrienne and Stephanie have gone on tours across the US so as to show the world just what they have to offer and encourage those who might be in a situation similar to their younger selves.

How to be a Redhead Update: Where Are They Now?

As of writing, How to be a Redhead continues to serve as an institution of inclusivity in the world of fashion and beauty. In fact, over the years, they have been talked about in multiple reputed publications like The New York Times and ABC News. Given how Adrienne Vendetti Hodges and Stephanie Vendetti have emphasized the spreading of knowledge when it comes to self-care for redheads, the fact that their company’s website and social media platforms are full of articles and videos dedicated to the same is certainly not surprising.

In fact, How to be a Redhead has over 181K followers on social media, while their YouTube channel boasts over 7K subscribers. As for TikTok, the brand has more than 42K followers over there. These strong numbers are a good indication of just how well their content is being received by people across the world. And yes, How to be a Redhead also ships products to Canada, apart from the obvious answer of the USA.

As for their products, How to be a Redhead offers a wide variety of cosmetic items that are suited for those with red hair. The clear brown gels they offer come in various colors and range from $24.99 to $30.00. While their mascaras cost $30.00, the lipstick (Finally Bold – Lipsticks for Redheads) can be bought for $26.00. Their haircare products include the Finally Glossy Shine and Luminosity Shampoo for Redheads at $32.00, while the Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads comes for $48.00. In addition to this, the company also sells a variety of accessories and clothing options.

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