How to Hire Mr. Christmas? How Much Does He Cost?

As a year nears its end, every entertainment service, including streaming platforms, have an outpour of Christmas related shows and movies – and Netflix is no different. With the release of ‘Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas’ in November 2020, the holiday season gets a new sense of cheer and inspiration, considering the kind of feel-good show that it is.

Featuring Benjamin “Mr. Christmas” Bradley as the lead, we see home transformations in each episode that bring a happy tear to our eyes. So, if you’re like us and are curious to know more about this interior designer and how you can hire him, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Hire Mr. Christmas?

Benjamin Bradley is an interior designer who has had a lot of success in his field thanks to his open-mindedness, ability to incorporate a client’s vision into what he’s doing, caring nature, and no doubt creativity. He grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana, where he was isolated most of the time, and as a teenager, loved to celebrate the holidays with his family.

One year, Benjamin received a revolving cylindrical lamp, decorated with Santa and his sleigh, which made him feel like it was made of magic. Later on, he was gifted a copy of ‘Christmas Collectibles’ by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer, which resulted in his never-ending love and passion for Christmas and design rising. He graduated with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and began working in the design industry, managing his way up to eventually become a successful partner at Bradley Thiergartner Interiors.

However, in 2013, after floating around New York’s flea markets, auctions, and antique shops to enhance his own collection and creativity, Benjamin left the company to establish his own, E & Co. Home Interiors. This New York-based organization aims to help its clients expand on their opportunities in the most effective way possible by giving them a full-service to create a surrounding that encompasses their likes, values, and comfort, all the while respecting their budgets.

Whether it be big or small, they do it all. To hire Benjamin Bradley and his trusted team, all you have to do is go to his company’s website and write in a message about what you want to get done to your place and when, and they’ll revert to you as soon as possible. If you don’t find this particular option feasible, then you can always call the company on their publicly available telephone number and ask for details and discuss your plans.

How Much Does Benjamin Bradley Cost?

Considering how Benjamin Bradley has been in the interior design business for over 20 years and is still a key player in it thanks to his successful endeavors, we think it’s safe to say that his services would be a little more on the costlier side. Even though there’s no official figure on how much he charges, we believe you can hire Benjamin and his team for a single room or a complete home gutting renovation for costs ranging anywhere between $5000 to $50000.

Also, remember that his usual area in New York where he operates, and the kind of all-out, creative, and enriching work he does on properties makes it evident that his services would be expensive but still worth it.

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