How to Sign Up For American Ninja Warrior?

American Ninja Warrior‘ is among the most extreme competitions on television. The NBC show promises to test every participant’s strength, stamina, and overall endurance as they try to overcome obstacle courses – first in the regionals, and finally in the national stage. The winner walks home with a grand prize, but over seasons, it has become evident that most contestants fight for honor and not money. If you’re one of the individuals who want to test themselves, we will walk you through the process of how to sign up for ‘American Ninja Warrior.’

Are You Eligible For American Ninja Warrior?

The initial step of the signup process is to check whether you’re eligible in the first place. There are some basic criteria. You must be a legal resident of the United States and must be at least 19 by the time of the Regional Qualifying Round. Participants need to be in good health and have the capacity to participate in strenuous physical activities. Given the nature of the competition, this is a rather obvious ask. To be considered, participants have to submit a digital photo and video along with the application. The video must be around two to three minutes long. Finally, all participants must be present for the Regional Qualifying Round, and if they make it through, they have to be there for the national finals in Las Vegas.

Stages in the Application Process:

The application process has several steps, which helps the producers get a clear overview of each aspiring participant. After creating a basic account, aspirants have to submit their contact information, background information, and personal information. Then comes the story, which is basically the contestant’s ‘journey’ which has led them to want to apply to ‘American Ninja Warrior.’ It is followed by the athletic information, and finally, the photos and video that we’ve mentioned above.

An alum has noted that the process gets in-depth quite quickly, asking a range of questions from educational backgrounds to the most difficult life experience. As someone who’s been through the hoops, the alum’s suggested that aspirants should wrap up their videos and start the process as soon as possible since answering so many questions takes more time than one might think.

Tips For an Outstanding Application:

Reports suggest that nearly 70,000 people apply each season, so there are some ways contestants try to get an edge over others. According to Angelou Deign, the show’s casting director, special attention is given to the participant’s story while considering them for the show. Deign stated that if the story section isn’t attention-grabbing, it becomes hard for execs to consider it seriously. Further, the casting director explained that despite the high volume of applications, people on the show go through each applicant’s profile with equal rigor and carefulness.

Participants should keep a couple of pointers in mind for a ‘perfect’ application video. It must depict a high energy level and have good lighting and audio. Besides, the contestant must display other passions outside of athletics. Finally, they must have the ability to do workouts, which mirror the show’s challenges. However, you should know that even if you do everything right, the chances of getting picked are slim, considering there are so many aspirants. Moreover, the show reserves 30% slots for contestants from past seasons. All that said and done, if you still want to apply, head to the casting page here – and we wish you all the best.

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