Howard Kong Cherng Xiao From Glow Up Season 5 is a Makeup Artist Today

Image Credit: BBC/ YouTube

‘Glow Up’ is a popular British reality competition television series that showcases thematic challenges that test the contestants’ skills, creativity, and ability to transform ordinary faces into extraordinary works of art. Beyond the fierce competition, the show also delves into the personal journeys and struggles of the contestants as they pursue their dreams of becoming makeup artists. The fifth season of the show was also filled with colorful personalities and high-stakes drama, and one person who stood out was Howard Kong Cherng Xiao.

Upon his entry in season 5, Howard quickly captured the attention of viewers with his charming and affable personality, as well as his cool and confident demeanor. His unique style of makeup and self-assuredness not only left a lasting impression on the judges but also resonated with the audience. If you’re curious about what Howard has been up to since his time on ‘Glow Up’, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Howard Kong Cherng Xiao’s Glow Up Journey

Born and raised in Malaysia, Howard, now 30, exhibited a natural curiosity from an early age. His fascination with makeup was ignited by watching his mother apply cosmetics, sparking his initial interest in the art. As he matured, Howard began his studies in hospital management, but it didn’t take long for him to recognize that this career path was not his true calling. In 2019, Howard made a crucial decision to pivot his career into a new one and started learning and working as a makeup artist. His big break came in 2023 when he received the exciting opportunity to participate in the fifth season of ‘Glow Up.’

Without hesitation, Howard eagerly accepted the chance to showcase his talents on season 5 and demonstrate his skills to a wider audience. When presented with the opportunity, he seized it as a chance to elevate his skills and refine his craft. What truly distinguished him from his fellow contestants was his commitment to giving his absolute best in every challenge. This unwavering dedication not only endeared him to fans but also solidified his status as a beloved favorite among the audience.

One standout moment in Howard’s journey on ‘Glow Up’ was during the challenge titled ‘Hometown Glory.’ Drawing inspiration from his roots in Sarawak, he crafted a remarkable makeup look based on Sarawak’s armor shield known as Terabai, historically used for protection in warfare. His unique and culturally rich interpretation of the challenge truly set him apart from the competition. Additionally, Howard formed a close and meaningful friendship with fellow contestant On-May Yeung during his time on the fifth installment of the series, highlighting the personal connections and camaraderie that often develop among the contestants.

Where is Howard Kong Cherng Xiao Now?

As of writing, Howard Kong Cherng Xiao has established himself as a highly sought-after independent makeup artist, showcasing his talents in various domains of the beauty industry. He specializes in creating stunning looks for the red carpet, editorial shoots, and private clients. One notable highlight in Howard’s career is his involvement with the makeup team led by Emilie Louizides for Hauz Labs by Lady Gaga, which was launched in collaboration with Sephora. Further underscoring his career achievements, Howard also served as the first assistant to Chynara Kojoeva for the Chopard Art Evening Couture Show at Cannes in 2023.

While Howard keeps much of the details of his personal life under wraps, it’s known that he currently resides in London, England, and is actively working on expanding his client base. Howard has a few personal interests and hobbies that help him maintain balance and creativity in his life. One of his hobbies is practicing yoga, which serves as a grounding and centering activity for him and not only helps him stay physically fit but also reinforces his dedication to his passion.

In addition to his love for makeup and yoga, Howard is an avid traveler. He frequently takes breaks to explore new destinations, allowing him to draw inspiration from different cultures, landscapes, and experiences. With an impressive legacy already behind him and a promising future ahead, Howard continues to make his mark in the makeup world, leaving a trail of captivating looks and satisfied clients in his wake.

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