Hulu’s The Great Filming Locations

Hulu’s ‘The Great’ follows the story of a young Catherine who arrives in Russia with high hopes. When she is married to Emperor Peter, she believes that the time has come for her to fulfill her destiny and do great things for the country. She also hopes to make her husband hopelessly fall in love with her. However, none of this happens. As her hopes and aspirations bite the dust, she is forced to chalk out a different plan for herself and sets out on a path to carve her own destiny.

The show presents a witty and entertaining account of Catherine on the path of becoming The Great. It also features lush and eye-catching surroundings that fall right in with the lavish tale that it wants to tell. If you wonder whether the show was shot in a real-life castle, then the answer is yes. Here are all the locations where ‘The Great’ was filmed.

Where is The Great Filmed?

When telling the tales of kings and queens, you need the surroundings worthy of telling their splendid stories. Like the intense plotting and murdering in the royal court, the place where it all happens should be regal and grand. In the making of ‘The Great’, the production took to some of the most beautiful and majestic castles and palaces. However, they are not in Russia.

Though the series tells the story of one of the greatest rulers of Russia, it was not filmed in Russia at all. Various locations in Italy and the United Kingdom subbed for the Russian royal residence.


One of the most important things about a historical fiction centered on the lives of royalties is to get to their place of residence right. In ‘The Great’, we venture into the huge halls of the palace which serves as the seat of Peter and Catherine. It also becomes a playground where a tug of war for power ensues between them. A major part of the scenes regarding it is filmed in The Royal Palace of Caserta.

From the exteriors of the place to the beautiful park where Catherine and Leo hang out, to the long halls and corridors- the show captures the essence of the Royal Palace in all its glory.

United Kingdom

Apart from the Italian palace, the show also turned towards the exquisite castle in the UK to add more royalty to its setting. The cast and crew were spotted filming on locations. Places like Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Leicestershire and North Yorkshire feature in the series.

The first episode of the show uses various locations of the Belvoir Castle. The beautiful locales of Hatfield House and Ham House also feature in the series. The stately Hever Castle in Kent and the magnificent Castle Howard in York also make up the royal Russian surroundings. Apart from extravagant locations, some parts of the series required filming in a regular studio. For this, the crew spent some time in the Three Mills Studio in London.

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