Hulu’s No Man’s Land Ending, Explained

Hulu chronicles the story of a young French man who sets off on a journey to find his sister, who is presumed to be dead. But this is no ordinary mission, as it takes him deep into the heart of the Syrian civil war, where he becomes part of a unit of Kurdish female fighters who strike fear into the heart of ISIS recruits. Starring James Krishna Floyd, Jo Ben Ayed, Julia Faure, and Félix Moati, ‘No Man’s Land’ is a war drama that leaves a lasting impression. If you’re interested to know more about how the series ends, then we’ve got your back.

No Man’s Land Recap

One day, Antoine Habert sees a news clip of an explosion in the Middle East. After carefully observing one woman who is seen tying her hair, he is convinced that it is his presumed to be dead sister, Anna. She could actually be alive, and a part of a unit of Kurdish female fighters called the YPJ. He contacts the journalist, Mehmet, who gets the brother in touch with Luke Murphy, the soldier in the video.

Soon, Antoine learns that the person he is looking for goes by the name Shahmaran. Abandoning his life in France, he sets off to the Middle East in pursuit of Anna. Moreover, in the wake of some events, he joins the YPJ to help fight ISIS. The series then explores whether Antoine is right or if he has entered a dangerous war zone just because of a hunch.

No Man’s Land Ending 

Paul and Nasser decide to eliminate Stanley, but their plan is ruined when he doesn’t show up with his bodyguards. Instead, Nasser is taken to another location to converse with the Mossad agent, who asks if Nasser’s position has been compromised. The informant states that his Quran was on his person during the attack on the Libyan leader and that Iyad died in that fight. Consequently, Nasser wants to leave the war-stricken area but is not allowed.

Stanley then introduces him to Sophie (Anna), who will be Nasser’s new handler. It turns out that the sister has agreed to work with the Mossad agent again because the spy agency can help save Sarya’s life. In a non-threatening manner, Stanley lets Anna know that this time around, she is in it for the long haul; otherwise, there could be some rather grave consequences.

Paul feels as though Nasser has double-crossed him yet again. When Stanley’s men drop the friend back to the same spot, Paul has Nasser at gunpoint. The latter tries to explain that the Mossad agent suspected something was up since the communication system inside his Quran had been tampered with. But Paul is greatly agitated and makes Nasser say the Surah An-Nas (a prayer from their holy book). Nasser, who is on his knees, states that the Mossad agent is the whispering devil.

Nasser also claims that he will kill both Sophie and Stanley. Back at the hospital, Anna lets Antoine know that Sarya will be flown out to Turkey and then France for medical treatment. She tells him to go with the girl. Furthermore, Anna reiterates that he needs to be mum about her existence. However, she is glad that she doesn’t have to hide the truth from him anymore.

It makes for a touching reunion when Mr. and Mrs. Habert meet their son in the airport hangar. Antoine apologizes to them for all the agony he has put them through. This is when an official tells the protagonist that he is needed by the Directorate of Internal Security. Before leaving, the mother asks him if he was able to find the girl in the video. Antoine states that he did, but that it is not Anna.

The Whispering Devil

The Surah An-Nas is the 114th chapter of the Quran. The verse in question states: “Say, ‘I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, The Sovereign of mankind. The God of mankind, From the evil of the retreating whisperer – Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind – From among the jinn and mankind.'” This scene holds a lot of significance when it comes to Paul and Nasser. We are first introduced to the prayer when they are just kids, leading troubled lives, and trying to do their best despite their situation.

Juxtapose this with the present-day scenario where Paul and Nasser have joined ISIS, albeit for different reasons. While the former holds staunch extremist beliefs, the latter only becomes a part of the terrorist organization to protect his mates. After all, throughout the show, the solidarity and friendship between Paul, Nasser, and Iyad have remained strong.

We are also made privy to the fact that they hail from toxic backgrounds and that the three have always relied on each other for emotional support. So who is the actual “whispering devil” in question? Is it Paul, who has left his kid behind and joins ISIS because he believes in the cause? Or is it Nasser, who lies to his childhood friends, even though he is trying to protect them? As is the case with such moral dilemmas, the answer is not black and white.

In fact, every character has done something that they aren’t proud of. Anna has lied about her existence for the past few years; Antoine has abandoned his girlfriend with whom he is trying to have a baby, and Stanley is a master manipulator who can leverage people’s vulnerabilities. So when Nasser calls the Mossad agent the devil, it seems as though he is just trying to save his own skin. Don’t forget that at that point in time, Paul has Nasser on his knees, at gunpoint. The latter’s life is in danger, and naturally, he would do anything to save himself.

Plus, we know that Nasser is the kind of person who loves his friends but also tries his best to do the right thing. While there is no denying that he has blood on his hands, it does not appear to be the case that he has aligned himself with ISIS ideology. Therefore, he is a better judge of character, and calling Stanley the devil is, most likely, Nasser trying to appeal to Paul’s right-winged beliefs just so that he can live to see another day.

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