Hunter LoNigro From THTH: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Hunter LoNigro/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle‘ brings several contestants together by tricking them into believing they are going to attend a raunchy dating show. However, once at the resort, the contestants realize that they must spend four weeks together and go through various workshops while remaining celibate at all times. Since the show prohibits any form of physical gratification, breaking the rules leads to a deduction from the prize money.

Ultimately, the couple with the most votes is crowned the winner in the finale. Likewise, season 5 of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ introduced Arizona resident Hunter LoNigro, who claimed he liked to play pranks and spend time in the gym. However, with fans now eager to learn more about Hunter, here’s everything we know about him!

Hunter LoNigro Was Born in a Close-Knit Family

Hunter LoNigro is a 24-year-old Arizona native who describes himself as a free-spirited person for whom having fun is a full-time job. Although he hasn’t revealed much about his childhood and family, we do know that Hunter was born and brought up in a close-knit family and was directed to follow his dreams from quite a young age. Moreover, from the looks of it, Hunter grew up alongside a younger sister, and he maintains an incredible bond with her as well as his parents to this day. In fact, it was his parents’ support and encouragement which helped him achieve the fame and success he has today, and the reality star still takes time out of his busy schedule to spend with his family.

Though Hunter’s educational background remains unclear, he has made his love for traveling quite apparent by sharing pictures of himself satisfying his wanderlust and engaging in adventurous activities on his social media accounts. As a matter of fact, in recent years, Hunter has visited several states in the country, as well as exotic overseas locations, including Indonesia, Australia, and the Gilli Islands. Besides, the charming and amicable reality star loves leading an outdoorsy and active lifestyle, and his friends always consider him to be the life of the party.

Hunter LoNigro’s Profession

Although Hunter insists that partying and having fun is his only full-time job, the 24-year-old is pretty well known as a social media influencer and content creator who has over 42 thousand followers on Instagram. Such fame enabled him to take on endorsement contracts for top-tier brands while the posts depicting his daily lifestyle stack up thousands of views. On top of it, Hunter LoNigro also has a pretty popular YouTube channel, while his followers on TikTok spill into the millions. However, apart from being a social media influencer, Hunter even offers his content creation services to local music artists, through which he creates videos for original tracks in exchange for a fee.

Hunter LoNigro Dating Life: The TV Star is Likely Single

While on the show, Hunter mentioned that he is completely free-spirited and likes to wait around until he can find the next lady who can catch his attention and take his breath away. On top of it, it seems like Hunter’s carefree and chill personality is what draws women to him in the first place. Interestingly, ‘Too Hot To Handle’ has always been known to bring in participants who love to date around and haven’t had a meaningful romantic relationship in years.

In fact, the contestants on the dating reality show are expected to form a profound connection with a partner of their choice on the show. Hence, even though Hunter had a few romantic relationships on the Netflix show, the absence of a special someone on most of his recent social media posts makes us assume he is currently single.

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