Courtney Randolph: THTH Contestant is Focused on Her Business Ambitions

While there’s no denying the world of dating is incredibly complex owing to the unique individual baggage and needs of the people involved, things do get a lot easier if they share an experience. That’s why Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is successful in terms of not just its sheer entertainment value but also some couples walking out from it hand in hand with the decision to really stay together. Yet for now, considering the fact season 5 of this original reality production has landed on our screens as well, let’s simply find out more about new cast member Courtney Randolph, shall we?

Courtney Randolph is a Resident of Texas

Although possibly born in North Carolina on August 11, 1997, Courtney eventually relocated to Houston, Texas, to build an independent life for herself, and that’s where she still happily resides. The truth is she actually prefers to keep her personal life relatively private despite what her dating series feature might suggest, meaning we don’t know much regarding her upbringing or early years. In fact, even her social media merely indicates she’s connected to both Taffy Randolph as well as Renée Randolph — but their precise relationship or any other familial details sadly remain unclear.

Courtney Randolph’s Profession

It was ostensibly back in 2017 when Courtney enrolled at Johnston Community College for a course in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, yet she never really pursued a career as a medical technician. Instead, the Cocktail Waitress at AC Hotels chose to completely immerse herself in the world of entertainment as a model — something she’d already carefully begun dipping her toes into in 2016. The fact she’s admittedly undeniably ambitious has played a role in her professional trajectory as well, primarily as it drives her to seek different endeavors just so she doesn’t have to stay idle.

It thus comes as no surprise the now reality television star launched her own self-curated beauty/grooming brand by the name of Courtney Randolph Collection in March 2023 (following COVID-19). It appears as if she only sells a 100% natural, cruelty-free Loc Growth Oil at the moment, along with a guidebook and a scrapbook of her personal hair journey, but she plans on expanding very soon.

We should mention Courtney is also a Digital Creator with a Facebook profile, an Instagram account, plus a YouTube channel, where she often gives fans an update on her day-to-day experiences. As if that’s not enough, she recently started dabbling in real estate too — she deals in luxury properties (like those in Netflix’s ‘Selling’ franchise yet her specialty is Highrises and Condos in particular.

Courtney Randolph is Likely Not Dating Anyone

From what we can tell, Courtney Randolph does not seem to be seriously involved with anyone at the moment and is merely focusing on achieving her dream of building a business empire. She did form a few deep connections during her stint in ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ but it truly doesn’t seem like they lasted romantically for a long time in the real world, considering her busy schedule.

Though it is actually possible that Courtney is currently in a relationship and is simply keeping it extremely private until she knows they’re in for the long haul because she has been hurt before. After all, the admittedly open-minded woman (especially in the bedroom) previously let her tendency to quickly fall head over heels in love take over and got married, only for it to end with her then-partner shattering her heart by cheating. So, of course, Courtney favors being a bit careful these days.

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