Megan Thomson From THTH: All We Know About the Star

Described by Netflix’s reality team as “JLS’s self-proclaimed number one fan” and an outright “bundle of joy,” Megan Thomson is a beauty that can honestly make anyone fall head over heels. After all, she has a gorgeous lean figure, innocent doe eyes, long highlighted hair, and a British poshness that can be an allure to anyone willing to open their eyes to her pure yet flirtatious charm. So now that she has made her debut on our screens with ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ season 5, let’s find out almost everything there’s to know about her personal as well as professional life, shall we?

Megan Thomson is a Native of Cambridge

Reportedly born into an incredibly loving household on February 27, 1997, as the younger of two to Tina Gotobed Lemmon and Robert “Rob” Thomson, Megan had a happy, secure upbringing. The truth is this Cambridge, England, native’s parents did separate while she was relatively young, but neither of their affection, care, and support for her or her brother Harry ever wavered. This much is actually evidenced by the fact most of them hold a tight-knit connection even today — we say “most of them” because Rob sadly died surrounded by loved ones on March 27, 2020.

“I miss you so much already Dad, and I will miss you every single day for the rest of my life,” Megan candidly penned on Instagram following her father’s demise. “I promise to make you proud and be strong like you have been for all of us ❤️ Thank you for everything, and you really are the best dad ever. You were so amazing and brave, always making us laugh, playing pranks on us, and it was only on Thursday 26/03 we were dancing to some of your favorite 80s music. Life is so unfair, and my heart will forever be broken. Sleep tight daddy, my guardian angel and until we meet again, I’ll see you in my dreams. Love you so so so so much forever.”

Then, like Megan often does on his birthday or other special occasions, on Father’s Day 2021, she again paid tribute to Robert by writing, “If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him. I’d play a song that would never ever end. How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again — Happy Father’s Day to my Angel. See you soon in my dreams 💙✨.” To this, her blissfully re-married mother Tina actually responded, “We are and will always be so proud of you both 💕❤️💙, we love you so very much and your dad will always be shining bright above you both where ever you are, always looking over you xxxx❤️💙❤️.”

We should mention that Tina has been married to Mark Lemmon for a few years now, whereas Harry tied the knot with the love of his life Emily Dickson Thomson in early 2022 — they all are still seemingly based in or around Stretham/Cambridge to this day.

Megan Thomson’s Profession

Coming to Megan’s career trajectory, while the precise details of her educational qualifications as well as early jobs are unclear at the moment, we do know she currently splits her time between Cambridge and London while proudly serving as a personal assistant. Many might think this position isn’t the greatest for real long-term growth opportunities, but it has ostensibly already helped Megan spread her wings by equipping her with the necessary skills and networks to achieve her next big dream of stepping into public life.

It’s also imperative to note that being a personal assistant has ostensibly allowed Megan to have the liberty not just to travel the world in her free time — whether to Dubai, Maldives, Mexico, Spain, or Turkey — but also to begin dabbling in other ventures of her interests. In other words, the rising reality star has gradually been evolving into an influencer — an artist, content creator, model, plus public speaker — resulting in her landing various advertising campaigns, brand deals, as well as public projects over the past couple of years.

Megan Thomson is Likely Not Dating Anyone

Taking Megan Thomson’s preference for privacy in relation to the romantic aspect of her life off the screen into consideration, it genuinely doesn’t appear as if she’s romantically involved with anyone at the moment. Instead, it seems like she’s merely dedicating all her time to establishing a name for herself in both the conventional and the non-conventional entertainment industry these days.

Though, apart from her long extended family, there are two other beings who’ve always been incredibly important to Megan in every way, shape, and form — her dogs. Unfortunately, her childhood pup Crystal Mae did sadly pass away at the age of 14 in September 2022. However, Megan thankfully still has the other, younger love of her life, a German Spitz named Bo.

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