Alex Snell From THTH: Here’s All We Know About the Contestant

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating reality show that is an unquestionable fan favorite thanks to its entertaining premise. Over the years, the series has featured many entertaining individuals who have piqued the curiosity of the general public thanks to their on-screen performances. The same holds true for season 5’s Alex Snell, whose personality and looks allowed him to not only be a prominent presence in the show but also earn much fame in the real world.

Alex Snell’s British Heritage

Born in March 1996, Alex grew up in Exter, England, and his family still lives in the same city. During his childhood, he went to Exminster Community Primary School before switching to Stover School, the latter of which is located in Newton Abbot, England. As of writing, the reality TV star is 27-years-old and has fully embraced his passion for fitness. When not working hard, he can be seen traveling to various places around the world.

Some of the beautiful countries that Alex has visited recently include Spain, Croatia, and Mexico. It was probably Alex’s love for traveling and beaches that had him so excited about being a part of ‘Love Overboard,’ not realizing that the show was fake and he was actually a cast member for ‘Too Hot to Handle.’

Alex Snell’s Profession

Following his studies at Exeter College, Alex became a student at Bournemouth University in 2014. He graduated in 2016 with a degree in Sports Psychology and Exercising Sciences. While there, he was also a part of the Varsity football team. Over the years, Alex has accumulated many certifications, including a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma for Sport and Excellence and a Level 1 Certificate for FA Football Coaching. He is also certified in First Aid and Health and Human Science.

In August 2019, Alex started to offer his services as an Online Personal Trainer under the brand Snell Fitness. Given his specialization in Physique Transformation, it was not long before his business took off. During the second Covid 19 lockdown in England, Alex offered at-home fitness schedules to people at no cost in order to help those who wanted to maintain a good physique despite the extreme circumstances.

In September 2021, Alex became a freelance Content Specialist for Serenity Digital Marketing. As of writing, he is still an employee of the company. Additionally, Alex often takes up modeling assignments but maintains that fitness is his first love. After being featured in the hit Netflix reality show, his fame only skyrocketed, and he presently has 18 thousand Instagram followers.

Alex Snell’s Dating Status is Unclear

As of writing, Alex has not shared any news regarding his romantic status. That being said, his on-screen love life was certainly a topic of attention for the fans of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ The reality TV star was attracted to Elys Hutchinson from the start and even initiated a conversation with her. However, her decision to share a bed with Hunter LoNigro was a disappointment to him. Alex continued to banter with her until he learned about the multiple kisses that Elys had shared with Hunter, at which point he decided to shift his attention to Megan Thompson.

However, Elys seemed to have developed feelings for Alex as well and was upset seeing him with Megan. In order to resolve the situation, Lana sent Elys on a date with Alex but asked her midway through if she would like to continue the date with Alex instead. She did end up choosing him over Hunter, and Alex also decided to go on a date with her. This marked the start of a relationship between the two, though, as of writing, there is no official news as to whether the two are still together or not.

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