Hunter McKnight From Survivor is a Science Teacher

‘Survivor’ is a television reality series that premiered on CBS in 2000. Set in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, it traces the lives of eighteen castaways who are divided into three tribes. Each strives to survive with the bare minimum provisions throughout their stay. Hunter McKnight, a part of the Nami tribe, is a charming young science teacher who decides to try his hand at winning the million-dollar cash prize and coveted title of being the ‘Sole Survivor.’

Hunter McKnight Was an Excellent Student Back in School

Hunter McKnight was born on February 24, 1996, in French Camp, Mississippi. He has several siblings, including Luke McKnight, Mollee Henderson, and Hannah Hoffman, and they’re all quite close to each other. McKnight also shares a lovely bond with his parents. He attended French Camp Academy and earned his university degree from Mississippi College. McKnight made it all through his school life without ever scoring anything below an A, and he even managed to graduate from college within 3.5 years.

What’s even more interesting is that he scored a 4.0 GPA in college and graduated valedictorian in high school. McKnight now works as a high school science teacher in French Camp, Mississippi, and teaches Chemistry and human A&P. He also provides digital media classes. He was initially on his way to earning a medical degree after receiving a full-ride scholarship and direct admission. Having graduated a semester early in college, he chose to go home.

Since his sister was leaving on maternity, he decided to substitute for her in her classroom. That experience entirely changed his trajectory in life. What was supposed to be a short stint with the kids before he left for medical school became a long-term goal. Not only did he end up loving his time with the kids, but he realized that it was the Lord’s way of guiding him in the right direction. Hence, despite his direct admission and full-ride scholarship, he chose to go a different way and became a full-time science teacher.

Hunter McKnight Has Learnt Important Life Lessons From Teaching His Students

Hunter McKnight’s inspirations in life are quite varied. However, his greatest influence comes from teaching in school. Since it’s a small-town Christian boarding school, the kids come from all across the country and from different backgrounds. Some of their parents are incarcerated or dealing with drugs, or the youngsters are having troubles of their own. These kids often have trust issues and are not easily able to trust anyone around them, let alone McKnight, since the adults in their lives aren’t ideal role models.

As McKnight gets his way around the hearts of the youngsters, he tries to get them to accept his help. While his plans often work, they occasionally fail, too, but he refuses to give up on them. The primary learnings he has picked up by being with the kids are being patient and being open to listening. Having years of teaching experience behind him and exposure to all kinds of students from varying backgrounds has given McKnight a fair understanding of the human mind. Not to forget the amount of confidence and pride he gets in helping his students have a voice for themselves.

What’s even more fun is that his addiction to ‘Survivor,’ led McKnight to do sessions of it with his students and prepare himself for the better. The students do all the hard work that the castmates are expected to do, and the winner even ends up earning a decent cash prize! However, he does hope that all the hard work eventually pays off and he doesn’t get eliminated early as his students will end up bullying him for it!

Hunter McKnight’s Dating Life is Shrouded in Mystery

Hunter McKnight’s world revolves around his students. He loves being with them and helping them grow. His social media profile is a proof of that. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, McKnight prefers maintaining a stoic silence. None of his social media accounts even minutely suggest the presence of a special someone in his life. However, he is an avid pet lover who shares a special bond with his dog, Chief, and cat, Josie. The 28-year-old  is also a fun-loving uncle to his niece, Edith Ruth, and an equally fun sibling and son to his family. While McKnight seems to want to keep his relationship status private and away from the spotlight, it is safe to assume that his focus, as of now, lies on his students only.

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