Hurricane Season: Does Norma Die? Who Got Her Pregnant?

Netflix’s mystery thriller movie ‘Hurricane Season’ details the tragic and distributing story of Norma, a teenage girl’s unwanted pregnancy, and how she deals with it in a remote small town in Mexico. While Norma is not the movie’s main character, her story directly affects the narrative and drastically impacts Luismi, with whom she develops a loving relationship. However, the relationship is complicated by Norma’s pregnancy and a series of events that endanger Norma’s life. As a result, viewers must be looking for answers about Norma’s fate and the truth about her unwanted pregnancy in ‘Hurricane Season.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Norma Dead?

Norma is a young girl who arrives in La Matosa from an outside town. Initially, Norma is harassed by some locals before she meets Luismi. Norma moves in with Luismi and also befriends his mother, Chabela. Norma reveals she is pregnant, and Chabela insists she must get an abortion. However, Luismi promises Norma that he will help her raise the baby. After refusing to get an abortion, the pain becomes too much for Norma to handle. She agrees to visit the Witch to get an abortion and receives a potion. However, after Norma aborts the baby, she falls sick. Norma starts bleeding and ends up in a hospital.

Consequently, Luismi becomes enraged at the Witch for intentionally hurting Norma, leading to the movie’s violent climax. However, Norma does not appear in the film again, and her fate is left open-ended. During her visit to the hospital, Norma is revealed to be just thirteen years old. Therefore, the complications from her pregnancy are understandable. Moreover, teenage pregnancy and the ensuing abortion also jeopardize Norma’s life, as the same is evident from her physical condition and excessive bleeding. However, when viewers last seen Norma, she is at the hospital, and her life does not seem to be in any danger. Norma’s condition seems stable during her interaction with Luismi, which seemingly confirms that Norma is still alive. Hence, it is safe to say that Norma does not die in the movie.

How Did Norma Get Pregnant?

Norma’s pregnancy is a major plot point of the movie. Norma’s abortion leads to Luismi confronting the Witch and eventually landing up in jail. However, the movie reveals little about Norma’s backstory and her life before she arrives in La Matosa. Therefore, how Norma became pregnant remains a mystery for most of the runtime. When Norma meets Lusimi, they end up having sex. As a result, when Norma shows signs of pregnancy, Luismi’s mother assumes the baby is his. However, Norma later reveals the truth about her pregnancy. Norma explains that her stepfather is the baby’s biological father and implies he raped her.

Norma’s pregnancy is a result of sexual assault from her stepfather. The tragic revelation of the truth behind Norma’s pregnancy directly ties into the movie’s overall thematic storytelling. The film explores the idea of unsupervised adolescents and the impact of negligent parenting. While the parents in the small towns deal with their own demons, the children are left unsupervised and find themselves in unsavory and threatening situations. The same seems to be true for Norma, as her pregnancy stems from a dark and twisted situation that is a result of the state of parenting in the Mexican small towns.

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