Where is I Can See Your Voice Filmed?

The ideal amalgamation of music and mystery – Fox’s ‘I Can See Your Voice’ is a reality TV competition, with Ken Jeong as the host. Based on the eponymous Korean music contest, Fox’s rendition follows a similar format. Each week, a contestant is guided by a “tone-deaf detective team” as they attempt to evaluate if the featured mystery singer is good or bad. Although the player cannot hear a single note, s/he is helped via lip sync challenges, hidden clues, and true-or-false evidence.

The participant then chooses the singer who s/he believes can actually sing. The revelation is made at the end, and if the contestant makes the correct guess, s/he takes home a grand cash prize of $100,000! Let’s find out where and how the show was shot, despite the difficult production schedule.

I Can See Your Voice Filming Location

Produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment, ‘I Can See Your Voice’ is filmed in Los Angeles, California. Filming for the first season wrapped up in the summer of 2020. However, the shooting had commenced much earlier, following Fox’s announcement of the show in January 2020. But due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, production was paused after the crew finished filming only one episode. Here are the filming details!

Los Angeles, California

Following the prolonged production shutdowns, starting March 2020, the series became Fox’s first major non-scripted series to resume filming in the Summer months. The broadcaster did confirm they had followed all health and safety protocols during the LA shoot, inclusive of social distancing and PPE equipment. Contestants were asked to stand six feet apart from each other and had to keep their faces covered with masks when not on camera. Fox took additional measures of collaborating closely with local and state officials, such as the Health Department and the unions on protocols, to ensure the safety of the entire cast and crew. Of course, because of the aforementioned precautions, there was no audience member during the performances.

Deadline released a statement about the shooting protocols followed during the filming of season 1 of ‘I Can See Your Voice’: “The broadcaster is employing all health and safety protocols with the LA shoot including social distancing and PPE equipment. Contestants on the show will stand six feet apart and wear a face covering when they are not on camera. FOX is working closely with local and state officials, including the Health Department, as well as the unions on protocols to make sure that the production environment is as safe as possible.”

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