I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World Episode 6 Recap: The Sage and Magic

In ‘I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too’ or ‘Isekai de Cheat Skill wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru: Level Up wa Jinsei wo Kaeta’ episode 6 titled ‘The Sage and Magic,’ Yuuya finally learns magic from the Sage who is the original owner of the cottage he now lives in. When he returns to the modern world, he learns that the students of his class will be taken on a two-day camping trip. When he goes shopping later that day, an unfortunate incident occurs that catches him off guard.

Sage Teaches Yuuya Magic

After finding the skeletal remains of a human in the cave near his cottage, Yuuya stumbles upon The Book of the Sage. It turns out that it belongs to the man who originally owned the cottage he now lives in. The Sage had become so strong from his dedication and hard work that he was eventually invited by the Gods to become one like them. However, he humbly rejected the offer and returned to humanity. Although he has mastered every known skill, his life was far from perfect.

Drawing inspiration and lessons from his life, the Sage told Yuuya to find friends who will always be honest with him and never fear his powers even when he becomes powerful beyond his imagination. Interestingly, he also taught him to use magic, and Yuuya later practiced with Night to gain some proficiency in it. Later when he returned to the human world, he learned about a two-day camping trip for which the students were divided into groups of four. Yuuya then went to a nearby mall for shopping and bought the important things he might need for the excursion.

Does Yuuya Save Rin, Kaede, and Kaori From Fire?

After the fire alarms go off, everyone rushes to escape the building as soon as possible. Yuuya and his friends are concerned about Rin, Kaede, and Kaori as they were on the higher floor and the fire there is probably much worse. When Yuuya is asking a guard whether he saw his friends go down, Ryou receives a phone call from Kaede who informs him that she and others could not get out in time. She appears quite distressed and hangs up without listening to Ryou.

This obviously implies that she is not doing well and Yuuya is quick to understand this. He rushes to the upper floor and finds the source of the fire. Luckily, he has just learned magic and realizes that this is the ideal situation for him to use it. He envelops his body with water and starts looking for his three friends. Eventually, Yuuya finds Rin, Kaede, and Kaori unconscious in a corner of the hall and picks them up to find an escape as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, he reaches a dead-end at one point and the ceiling above appears to slowly crumble. Yuuya is quick to realize that there is only one escape now and that is to break through the floors under his feet. That’s exactly what he does until he reaches the first floor where the firefighters outside are able to finally see the four of them. It is a miracle for everyone that Yuuya not only made it out alive but also saved three of his friends from such a tragedy.

So, the firefighters eventually scold Yuuya and his friends for their careless behavior. When Kaori’s father reaches ground zero, he is thrilled to see that his daughter is doing okay. He thanks Yuuya for his heroic actions. Meanwhile, Yuuya is closely observing Kaori and feels alone as he does not have a caring family like her. He later returns to his apartment to find Night waiting for him.

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