I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World Season 1 Finale and Ending, Explained

In ‘I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too’ or ‘Isekai de Cheat Skill wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru: Level Up wa Jinsei wo Kaeta’ episode 12 titled ‘Yuuya and Kaori,’ Yuuya attends the hearing when Reigar is presented in front of the king to be sentenced for his crimes. Interestingly, he gives a very emotional speech that explains his motivations that ends up convincing Lexia to forgive him. Yuuya is rewarded for his troubles, but his focus remains on the Vile girl who managed to flee.

Lexia Forgives Reigar

After Reigar is arrested, he is brought in front of the king to get punished for his actions. In such a scenario, a death sentence is almost inevitable. Yuuya is also present when Reigar talks about his motivations and reveals that his face and body were disfigured after Lexia lost control of her magic powers. To make matters worse, he was then almost neglected by his noble family, and in his solitary confinement, his resentment for her sister grew unchecked. It came to the point that he started plotting her murder, which eventually led to the present scenario.

Reigar’s emotional speech appears to have touched Yuuya’s heart, which uses the herb he has gathered recently to fix his disfigured body. In a strange turn of events, Lexia asks her father to forgive Reigar for plotting her murder. Although all charges are eventually dropped, he loses all his land and property. When the kind thinks about how he could potentially reward Yuuya, he arrives at the conclusion that he should receive Reigar’s properties that have been taken from him. When he returns to modern Japan, Yuuya’s focus remains on the Vile girl. He returns as soon as possible and starts training again.

Does Yuuya Defeat the Vile Girl? What’s Her Name?

In order to prepare for his next confrontation with the Vile girl, Yuuya trains alone in the deep forest. That’s when he gets ambushed. Yuuya luckily manages to evade the attack that could have potentially hurt him badly. The Vile girl is fixated on exacting some sort of revenge while Yuuya tries to understand what he could have possibly done to be her target. She is quite strong and eventually manages to corner him.

Then the Vile girl launches a barrage of attacks on Yuuya that puts him on the back foot. Luckily, when she is about to end the battle with a dangerous attack, Usagi appears out of nowhere and defends Yuuya. He apologizes for being late and then requests the Vile girl to stop fighting after calling her by the name Yuti. He also tells her that he knows that she is the successor of the Divine Archer, who was killed.

It turns out Yuti wants to take revenge for the death of her master, who used to fight for the greater good and humans all his life but was eventually betrayed by the latter, according to her. All of Usagi’s requests eventually fall on deaf ears as Yuti remains inflexible and refuses to change her goals. Usagi fights her, but Yuti is overwhelmingly powerful. Even when Usagi and others manage to land a blow on her, she turns into a Vile god, making her even more dangerous.

Just when it seems that it would be almost impossible to defeat her, Akatsuki unleashes a Holy Ground Skill, following which, Yuti loses all her powers. As she becomes effective and defenseless, Yuya puts her to sleep by knocking her out. Before Usagi leaves, he informs Yuuya that Akatsuki is actually a divine being, so the effects of his powers will take time to wear off- meaning he should have no problems handling Yuti for now.

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