I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

A close bond between a parent and a child is always heartwarming, but just how much love is too much? TLC’s ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ takes the concept of overmeddling parents to new heights and redefines the term “Mama’s Boy.” The reality show stars several couples where the men adore their partners but maybe not more than their mothers. However, there comes a time in every young man’s life when they must decide if they are ready to leave their mothers behind for a new life or bask a bit more in parental affection.

After the success of its premiere season in 2020, the second installment of the show brought old and new couples for the viewers to follow. The second iteration landed in 2021 and kept the audience captivated by its entertaining drama. Thus, many fans are curious to know just what happened to the cast members of season 2. Well, we are here to answer the same!

Are Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams Still Together?

After two seasons of suspense, Kimberly “Kim” Cobb and Matt McAdams finally called it quits in the season 2 finale. Throughout the show’s first two seasons, fans saw Kim, Matt, and his mother, Kelly, try to find the perfect dynamic for themselves. However, as it turns out, they never were able to find the right balance, leading to a split between the couple.

Naturally, Kim did not return for another season of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy,’ given her split from her partner. Currently, she seems to be enjoying life to the fullest and has even started her podcast, ‘ My Lips Aren’t Sealed,’ which seemingly revolves around the experiences of her and other women from the TLC series.

Season 3 of the reality show saw Matt and his mother’s reappearance, along with his new girlfriend, Devon Hawley. Besides seeing how the new couple finds their footing with Kelly, the season explored some hidden details of Kim and Matt’s relationship. Presently, the latter seems quite content in spending time with his family though he may be hoping to move out of his mother’s home soon.

Are Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu Still Together?

The dynamics of Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu’s relationship in seasons 1 and 2 were heavily influenced by the love the former holds for his mother, Laila. The long and complicated drama continued till the third season, as Shekeb made several attempts to find common ground between his mother and his girlfriend. Admittedly, Emily also tried hard to please her prospective mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, the result of the efforts from the last three seasons seems not to have been fruitful. The third installment of the series seemingly ended on less-than-ideal terms for Emily and Laila. Presently, the nature of Shekeb and his partner’s relationship is unclear at best. While fans have their own opinions regarding how things should proceed, the ultimate decision lies with the couple, who have not yet clarified their current relationship status.

Are Mike Boorzanian and Stephanie Ressler Still Together?

Despite appearing for straight two seasons of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ as a couple, Mike Boorzanian and Stephanie Ressler seem to have parted ways. As fans of the show will know, Mike’s mother, Liz, was one of the most significant reasons for the problems between the couple as they tried to build a life together. As of writing, Stephanie seems to be focused on her career as a TV producer and likes to spend time with her close ones. On the other hand, Mike is dating Jennifer O’Brien and seems quite content with his professional and personal life.

Are Bryan Austin and Tracy Andraya Still Together?

Bryan Austin and Tracy Andraya’s long-term relationship was built on strong foundations, and the couple has seemingly survived the test of time. The couple appeared on ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ season 2 shortly after their wedding. Before tying the knot, Tracy was a single mother with two kids, which made Bryan respect her more, given that he was raised similarly by his mother, Jayne.

Image Credit: Tracy Andraya/YouTube

Albeit, inviting one’s mother to the honeymoon may not be the best way to endear one’s wife. Surprisingly, Bryan had not gotten the memo, given Jayne’s presence on his honeymoon, which deeply upset Tracy. Luckily, the couple seems to have moved past that, and as of October 2021, the couple was still together and happily married. They even took a vacation to Tulum, Mexico, and enjoyed it with some close friends.

Are Theous and Tia Still Together?

Everything was fine between Tia and Theous during their decade-long relationship. While the two were ready to tie the knot, the latter had not yet found the right balance between his devotion to his mother, Carolyn, and his affection for his girlfriend. Needless to say, this remained a massive point of contention between the couple as Tia urged her partner to become more independent.

Theous’ girlfriend was shocked and miffed by the way Carolyn treated her son and how she still treated him as a child despite their age. As of writing, the two are apparently still together, though even now, Tia seems less than happy about her partner’s relationship with his mother.

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