Here Are All the Spots Where If Loving You Is Wrong Was Shot

If Loving You Is Wrong Filming Locations

‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ is a prime-time soap opera that chronicles the daily lives of five couples living on Castillo Lane, who are not as perfect as they seem. In fact, each one of them is hiding a scandalous secret that could destroy their relationships. The central focus of the show are the five wives – Alex, Kelly, Marcie, Esperanza and Natalie – who embark upon a quest to find true love, while trying to detangle their complicated lives.

The heart and soul of the show, Tyler Perry, serves as the creator, writer, and director of the series. Loosely based on Perry’s 2014 film, ‘The Single Moms Club,’ the series premiere set the record for being the highest-rated premiere in OWN history, dethroning ‘The Haves and the Have Nots.’ Many of you must be wondering: where was ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ filmed? Let’s find out!

If Loving You Is Wrong Filming Locations

As you all know, the five couples reside in Castillo Lane in the community of Maxineville or Maxine, Ohio. However, it is not actually shot in Ohio, and Maxine is a fictional city, named in memory of Tyler Perry’s beloved mother, Maxine. The show is filmed in Georgia, United States. But where exactly in Georgia, you may ask? Well, here are the specific locations where ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ was filmed.

Tyler Perry Studios, Georgia

Maxine has become a familiar location for viewers, since the characters do not travel often and the action primarily takes place in and around Castillo Lane, Maxine. Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, serves as the prime filming location for the show. Tyler Perry shared a post on Facebook, confirming that the shooting of the show takes place on the back-lot of his production studio.

Here’s a picture shared by Edwina Findley, who plays Kelly, from the location.

Joel Rush, who plays Edward ‘Eddie’ Willis, shared a hilarious behind the scenes image from the set.

Here’s another one.

Founded 14 years ago, the 330 acres of the former U.S. military base, Fort McPherson, has doubled up as a filming location for most of Tyler’s films – ‘A Fall from Grace,’ ‘Nobody’s Fool,’ ‘Meet the Browns,’ etc. It also hosted the MSNBC and Washington Post 2020 Democratic Party presidential debate and Miss Universe 2019. The studio also provides tours in case you want to visit the locations, that you’ve seen on your favorite shows.

Downtown Rome, Georgia

Rome is the county seat of Floyd County and the largest city in Northwest Georgia. In 2014, the production unit of ‘If Loving You is Wrong’ reached downtown Rome, to shoot a few scenes around Floyd County Administration Building.

If loving you is wrong filming locations
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In order to pass off the building as a police station, the filming crew brought police cars that were inscribed with “City of Maxine,” all the way from the studio…

If Loving You Is Wrong Filming Locations
Picture Credit: Jeremy Stewart/Northwest Georgian News

… and parked them at 12 East 4th Avenue in front of the building.

If Loving You Is Wrong Filming Locations
Picture Credit: Jeremy Stewart/Northwest Georgian News

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