Inès Mèlas: Don’t Hate the Player Star is an Entrepreneur Today

For the many contestants who have taken part in Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ the ability to stand on their own as well as be a crucial part of an alliance is always important. Inès Mèlas certainly proved so in season 1 and created a strong presence for herself in the show. Not only had she been able to garner many strong allies, but she also was able to evade possible eviction when the time came for her to battle for the same.

Inès Mèlas Used Her Retention Power to Stay in the Game

Though she was initially disappointed that she would not be living in the luxurious villa from the start, Inès Mèlas was well aware of just how crucial her time in the camp can be. After all, with every participant being present at the same place, this was perhaps the perfect time to form alliances. After talking with others and trying to figure out their motivations and strengths, she ended up being part of an alliance that contained participants like Benjamin Carter and Thibault Damians.

During the initial chance to hopefully go to the villa, Inès was not among those who got the opportunity to leave the camp. Nevertheless, three of her allies did make it to the luxurious abode. Even after the next swap, the strength of her allies remained the same as Emia, the new villa resident, was also a part of the coalition. However, things changed when Jordan Lecordier and Olivanie were given the chance to select four contestants, out of whom the villa residents had to choose two to fight for their place in the competition.

Apart from himself, Jordan chose Inès, Benjamin, and Paula as possible options. The villa residents unanimously decided to pit Inès against Jordan, hoping that their ally would survive the competition. The two had to take part in a memory game to win their place in the competition. Both Inès and Jordan had a board of blank circles in front of them, with each circle corresponding to either a red or green color. Inès and Benjamin had to look at the key situated further away and rush back to reveal as many green circles as possible.

As Inès was the one who reached 10 points first in the game, she not only saved herself from eviction but also joined her allies in the villa. Unfortunately, things soon became tense when an offer was presented to villa residents. They had the chance to not only add 50,000 euros to the prize pot but could also send food to the campers. In return, two of the villa residents had to go back to camp. While Inès was on board with the offer, Emia did not want to lose her position in such a manner, leading to heightened tensions.

For the rest of her time on the show, Inès did her level best to ensure progress for herself and her allies. During the one-on-one duels, she was able to ensure that Olivanie was eliminated from the competition, even though she now had to go to the camp. While there, she found herself getting disenchanted by her bond with Emia. Nevertheless, she kept working hard to secure allies, though things certainly did not work out favorably for her when Hugo ended up blocking her from going back to the villa during the final assembly.

Where is Inès Mèlas Now?

An avid lover of nature, Inès Mèlas indeed finds solace in being a resident of Réunion Island, a French island that is located close to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The reality TV star splits her time between the beautiful isle and the city of Paris in France. She is an avid traveler who visited countries like Japan, Mexico, and Tunisia in 2023. Her favorite retreat seems to be to Bali, Indonesia, where she seemingly often travels to find comfort and peace.

Using her strategic mind and business skills, Inès is a proud entrepreneur who greatly enjoys the fruits of her hard work. A digital content creator by profession, she often shares pictures and videos of her travels and other day-to-day activities on social media. She is also known for working as a model sometimes and promoting physical fitness activities. Thanks to this, she has gained many admirers who enjoy the glimpses she provides of her life.

Inès is also quite close to her family. She shares a close bond with her younger brother, Heddi Petit, crediting him as one of the bright spots of her childhood. Additionally, she enjoys being with her friends, especially during her travels. Even when relaxing by the beachside, she prefers a calm atmosphere in order to truly take in the wonder of nature. Having earned the love of many, Inès Mèlas’ reality TV venture has mostly been well-received by those close to her.

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