Inhuman Resources Ending, Explained

‘Inhuman Resources‘ is a French show that can be streamed on Netflix. The series, comprising of six episodes, presents an extremely gripping tale of corporate greed with a theme of wealth inequality. The show stars the actor and prominent Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona. ‘Inhuman Resources’s plot is filled with unimaginable twists and turns, and it is hard to imagine something like that having actually happened in real life. The show maintains razor-sharp tension and a twisty tale until the very last scene. Many viewers might have wondered what the ending signifies.

Inhuman Resources Recap:

‘Inhuman Resources’ revolves around an aged man named Alain Delambre. Delambre had been an HR manager for over two decades at the same firm until being laid off due to his age. He is forced to be doing odd jobs ever since and finds it hard to keep up with his financial responsibilities.

Exxya is a multinational firm that hasn’t been performing well. Its CEO, Alexandre Dorfmann, needs to lay off over 1,000 employees. He also wants to find out which executive is the least loyal to the firm. Dorfmann intends to hire a person who can handle the massive layoff. Dorfmann’s consultant, Lacoste, suggests a rather sinister plan with which he can hit two birds with the same stone: a fake hostage situation. The candidates for the new job would be asked to act as negotiators and threaten the executives (who would be made to believe they are in a hostage situation) to spill company secrets. The best negotiator would be hired while the fake hostage scenario would also tell Dorfmann which executive is the least loyal.

Delambre starts to go to extreme lengths to prepare for the hostage scenario as he has applied for the position at Exxya. However, just before the test, a woman tells him that the test is a sham and that he would never be hired. Someone who knows Lacoste would be hired, and the rest of the candidates are just placeholders. While the other candidates do no show up, Delambre decides to go with another plan. He goes with an actual gun and holds everyone hostage, including the fake henchmen, Dorfmann, Lacoste, and the executives. However, one of the executives, Cousin, manages to flee and alerts the police. Delambre gives up and is sent to prison.

It is soon revealed that Delambre had planned on being caught. He had planned on making one of the executives log into his computer and then hack into Exxya’s system. Then, he had transferred over 20 million Euros from Exxya. Delambre uses the 20 million as leverage to negotiate with Exxya so that he is declared free in his trial. He makes the public believe that he had been a man frustrated with the system after years of unemployability.

In the end, the Exxya employees go back on their original testimony and urge the jury for clemency. Delambre has promised to return the money if they do so. However, Delambre has another plan. After being freed, Delambre threatens Cousin to tell him a dirty secret about Exxya. He uses that secret to threaten Dorfmann so that he can keep the money. Towards the end, Dorfmann’s car gets hit by the vehicle of Delambre’s friend (who had helped him in his entire plan). In the final scene, Delambre is shown leaving for work from his apartment.

Inhuman Resources Ending Explained: Does Delambre Get to Keep the Money?

One question that viewers would have had towards the end is whether Delambre gets to keep the money. Well, he apparently does. Delambre, in the end, tells viewers that he still has to launder the 20 million. That means that he gets to keep the money. However, it comes at a cost. Nicole has left him since Dorfmann made her listen to his and Delambre’s conversation. Nicole realizes that Delambre has become so greedy that he can even risk her life for money. Delambre was willing to risk Nicole’s life when she was held captive by Fontana. He had chosen to risk her life instead of returning the money. Lucie is also not speaking to Delambre.

So, Delambre manages to get the money but loses his family. Moreover, he cannot even retire in peace. He still has to continue working since he needs to launder the 20 million Euros to be able to use them. He works as a volunteer at a firm that helps young entrepreneurs. Moreover, he is seen leaving his house with his gun. This indicates that Delmabre would never really be able to continue living in peace as he has voluntarily gotten involved in a dangerous world and made tons of enemies. The season ends with a simple message: there are no shortcuts.

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