The Shocking True Story Behind Inhuman Resources

Netflix’s ‘Inhuman Resources‘ is a French miniseries that presents a gripping tale of corporate greed, wealth inequality, and the frustrations of unemployability. The series stars the actor and prominent Manchester United footballer, Eric Cantona. The 6-episode series proves to be extremely engaging, filled with multiple twists and runs, and is titled ‘Dérapages’ in French.

The series revolves around an aged man named Alain Delambre, who had been laid off from his job as an HR manager several years ago. Ever since that day, he has been forced to do odd jobs and fails to keep up with his financial responsibilities. However, he thinks he gets a lucky break when he gets shortlisted for a high-paying job at a multinational firm called Exxya.

However, the final test to select the right candidate for the job is rather…sinister. The CEO of Exxya wants to find out which executive is the least loyal to the firm. So, he decides to organize a fake hostage scenario wherein the executives would be threatened to spill company secrets. The candidates for the job that Delambre is applying for would be asked to handle the negotiations. The best negotiator would get the job while the CEO of Exxya would also be able to find out which executive is the least loyal.

Is Inhuman Resources Based on a True Story?

Many viewers would have been extremely shocked upon reading the words “Based On a True Story,” while watching ‘Inhuman Resources.’ The plot of the French miniseries proves to be filled with shocking twists and turns, and it is hard to imagine anything like that having happened in real life. So, is ‘Inhuman Resources’ actually based on a true story?

Well, yes, but not completely. The show is an adaptation of a thriller novel by Pierre Lemaitre, titled ‘Cadres Noirs.‘ The English version of the novel is also titled ‘Inhuman Resources.’ Surprisingly, Pierre Lemaitre had been inspired by an actual fake hostage scenario.

The actual fake hostage scenario that Lemaitre had been inspired by took place on October 25, 2005. The managing director of advertising of France Télévisions, Philippe Santini, had called close to twelve employees for a seminar at Château de Romainville, in Ecquevilly. Then, nine people in hoods had burst into the room with weapons and taken the employees hostage. Santini wanted to test the employees’ resistance to stress. The full story was published here. 

When Lemaitre read about the fake hostage scenario, he was unsurprisingly shocked. He decided to use that as the central premise for his novel. Hence, the fake-hostage scenario, which forms the central premise of ‘Inhuman Resources,’ is actually inspired by a true tale. However, the character of Alain Delambre and the rest of the plot are completely fictional.

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