Ink Master Season 10: Where Are the Tattoo Artists Now?

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Season 10 of ‘Ink Master,’ which kicked off in 2018, continued the reality competition’s enthralling exploration of the tattoo art world. With Dave Navarro once again leading the charge, the season brought together a fresh roster of skilled tattoo artists ready to confront a wide array of challenges. The competition’s challenges ranged from traditional styles to avant-garde, compelling contestants to showcase their versatility and artistic ingenuity. Judged by seasoned tattoo artists, including the renowned Oliver Peck and Chris Núñez, the participants faced rigorous assessments that scrutinized not only technical skill but also their capacity to tackle inventive and unexpected tattoo themes.

This eclectic blend of challenges not only assessed technical finesse but also probed into the contestants’ aptitude for handling innovative and surprising tattoo concepts. Viewers found themselves not only captivated by the artistic expressions but also drawn by the diverse personalities of the competing tattoo artists. As the season unfolded, audience interest extended beyond the show, sparking curiosity about the post-show endeavors and the whereabouts of the season 10 participants. For those eager to stay updated on the current pursuits of these talented individuals, we’ve gathered information to keep you informed. Let’s now explore the journeys of these artists following their stint on the show.

Josh Payne has Opened a New Tattoo Studio Now

Josh Payne, the triumphant winner of season 10, now wears the crown as the owner of Long Live Tattoo Collective. Beyond the ink, he explores his artistic passions through painting and serves as a resident guest artist at Elysium Studios. His journey includes appearances at the Motor City Tattoo Expo and engaging in creative collaborations with fellow artists.

Juan Salgado is Today the Founder of an Art Company

In the vibrant realm of tattoo artistry, Juan Salgado now stands as the founder of Salgado Art Company. Notably, he left an indelible mark by tattooing Francisco Lindor and has extended his influence through collaborations with Inked Magazine, McDonald’s, and Ford Bronco. Juan’s artistic prowess goes beyond tattoos, as he delves into mural art. His achievements include managing a collaboration event with 11 artists, contributing to the Tattoo Skull NFT Community, and showcasing his work at an exhibition with Walter Otero Contemporary Art.

Roly T-Rex 6 has Recently Gone to UFC and Tattooed a Legend

Roly T-Rex, today the creative force behind The Divine Canvas Tattoos, balances artistry with family life. Married to Angeline and a proud parent of two kids, Roly has secured sponsorships from FK Irons and Allegory Ink. His journey involves not only inking skin but also making a mark in the tattoo community through collaborations like the Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo and even sponsorships. He also recently went to UFC and tattooed the legend Aaron Addison.

Jason Elliott has Extended his business Now

Jason has found his creative sanctuary at Hard to Love Tattoo, where his artistic endeavors continue to flourish. Fast forward to Jason Elliott’s post-season 10 journey, and his impact has only deepened. In the world of ink, Jason transcends being merely an artist; he has become a brand ambassador, aligning himself with top-notch products such as Industry Inks, Recovery Aftercare, and Asorbit to breathe life into his creations.

He’s a key player in the tattoo scene, leaving an indelible mark at events like the Villain Arts in Philadelphia. His journey extends into the fierce Grudge Match season 1, and season 13 of ‘Ink Master’ where his presence is nothing short of formidable. Jason’s story unfolds as a captivating fusion of talent, dedication, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Deanna Smith is Today an Educator

In the tapestry of tattooing, Deanna Smith emerges not just as a tattoo artist but as an educator and the proud owner of Eden Body Art Studios. Deanna’s dedication to her craft extends beyond the studio, as evident in her role as an educator at the Eden Summer Symposium. Undeterred by challenges, Deanna later embarked on the daring journey of season 14, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to pushing her artistic boundaries.

She also graced Borrowed Time Tattoos as a guest, leaving her mark on different canvases of the tattooing world. Her excellence in tattoo art has garnered multiple awards at prestigious conventions. Season 10 of the tattooing saga witnessed her skillful contributions. She shares her life on social media a lot with her fans, adding a personal touch brought by her love connection with Colton James.

Jeremy Brown Now Works at 1807 Art Collective

Jeremy Brown, the digital creator, orchestrates a kaleidoscope of creativity in the tattooing world. Rooted in the creative hub, Jeremy works at 1807 Art Collective. Jeremy’s dedication is shielded by Tattoo Armour USA. He also now collaborates with various artists and attended many expos and conventions like Wicked Fast.

Adding a familial brushstroke to his narrative, Jeremy is not just an artist but a devoted family man. His canvas extends to his marriage to Lana, where their shared love for art creates a unique synergy. In this artistic tapestry, the couple’s creation extends beyond the canvas, manifesting in the form of their child, Jeremiah. Like a chip off the old block, Jeremiah is more than just a namesake; he is an emerging talent in tattooing. With a separate Instagram page, he showcases his artistic prowess.

Daniel Silva is the Youngest Tattooer to Grace the Cover of Inked Magazine

In the sun-drenched canvas of Los Angeles, the artistic wizardry of Daniel Silva unfolds within the confines of his eponymous studio, Daniel Silva Studio. Beyond the rhythmic hum of the tattoo machine, Daniel effortlessly navigates the digital realm, facilitating online bookings that offer clients a seamless connection to his creative prowess. Daniel has captured the attention of Instagram aficionados, not merely for his tattoo artistry but for the magnetic allure of his looks, injecting a dose of charisma into the tattooing scene.

Yet, Daniel is more than a local artist. His love for travel takes center stage in captivating blogs on his website, providing a window into his adventures. This online portal, serving both business and connection, bridges the gap between artist and audience. Collaboration is second nature to Daniel, seamlessly weaving his artistry with fellow creatives and events, creating a dynamic synergy that reverberates through his work. A trailblazer in his own right, Daniel Silva stands as the youngest tattooer to grace the cover of Inked Magazine.

Frank Ready Extends into the Realm of Skincare

Frank Ready III has etched his name as a maestro in the realm of ink mastery. Frank owns his studio and has also participated in the vibrant Elm Street Fest in Dallas, bringing his unique vision to different corners of the tattooing community. Through his digital presence, Frank paints his narratives for the world to see, creating a canvas that transcends the traditional boundaries of the tattooing world. Beyond the ink, Frank’s influence extends into the realm of skincare with Hustle Butter Deluxe, a testament to his commitment not only to the artistry of tattooing but also to the well-being of the canvases it adorns.

Rene “Fame” Montalvo’s Tattoo is Listed in Ink Master’s Best Halloween Tattoos List

In the realm of ink, Fame Montalvo stands as a luminary, adorned with accolades as an Award-Winning Artist. His artistry finds its home within the esteemed circles of Eminence Ink and Eminence Ink Storrs, where he crafts more than just tattoos – he creates masterpieces. Beyond the inked canvas, Fame shares his life journey with his partner, Millz Marley, forming a formidable duo that extends beyond the studio to a familial haven with two kids.

Fame’s artistic journey takes him to prestigious conventions, adding vibrant strokes to his narrative. He left an indelible mark at the All-AmerAl-Americantoo Convention, the New England Tattoo Expo, and Tommy’s Tattoo Conventions. His talent transcends the studio, as evidenced by his inclusion in the list of Halloween’s best tattoos on the ‘Ink Master.’

Amanda Leitch is Now Associated with Inktober

In the vibrant tapestry of the art world, Amanda Leitch emerges as a dynamic force at Sand and Sailors Art. But Amanda’s artistic spirit knows no bounds, as evidenced by the birth of her new studio, Antherium, a haven for permanent cosmetics, tattoos, and piercings, where she brings visions to life with each stroke of the needle. Adding a splash of spontaneity to her craft, Amanda embarks on 20-minute painting challenges on her social media handle, turning fleeting moments into artistic masterpieces.

Her passion for pushing creative boundaries extends to her association with Inktober, a collaborative initiative aimed at elevating the artistry of painting and drawing while shining a spotlight on the talents of artists worldwide. The Art Battle Pittsburgh saw her in action, where she fearlessly competed with 20 other artists, showcasing her prowess in real-time creation.

Where are the Rest of the Contestants?

Despite not clinching top honors, some resilient contestants pressed on, forging successful paths in the tattooing realm. Mike Diaz, now the proud owner of Naked Brown and Co., specializes in microblading and brow powder coating, boasting his studio, Brows by Mike Diaz. He’s a regular participant in tattoo expos, including the Black Gold Tattoo Expo, and happily enjoys marital bliss.

Gary Parisi, co-owner of May Day and affiliated with World Famous Ink, found his stride in the industry and is contentedly married. Derrick “Lil’D” found a home at Holy Mountain Tattoo but faced a personal loss with his grandpa passing away in March 2023. Katie Rhoden, stationed at Black Pelican Tattoo Studio, showcased her skills at the Ink in the Coast Tattoo Festival and is happily committed to her partner, Jeff.

Matt Buck, not just a tattoo artist but also an illustrator, dazzles at Jc Tattoo Co. and recently collaborated with Air Conditioned Studios. Chris Sparks, a talent at Meticulous Tattoos in Austin, proves his mettle through collaborations with fellow artists and participation in events. Linzy Michelle, the proud owner of Saint and Sailors Art Studio, actively collaborates with fellow artists, while Garrett Bisbee now lends his expertise at Emerald Eye Tattoos, reveling in marital bliss with Becca.

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