Ink Master Season 15: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In the electrifying season 15 of Paramount+’s ‘Ink Master,’ which premiered in November 2023, tattoo artists embarked on a fierce competition for the coveted title and a dazzling $250,000 cash prize. Split into three formidable teams led by renowned coaches Ashley, Hurtado, and Tambe, the stakes were higher than ever. Since the intense battles under the tattoo needles, the contestants have dispersed into the diverse realms of the tattoo industry. Some have soared to new artistic heights, establishing their studios, while others collaborate on groundbreaking projects. The post-show journey has seen these skilled ink warriors evolve into industry titans, each leaving an indelible mark on the tattoo landscape.

Bobby Johnson Continues To Shine as an Exceptional Tattoo Artist

Bobby Johnson, the triumphant winner of the show, has continued to shine as an exceptional tattoo artist. Utilizing his $250,000 cash prize to secure his children’s future, he showcased his altruistic side by collaborating with fellow artist Deanna James in December 2023. This dynamic duo also joined forces with Dayseeker to host the first-ever charity raffle, channeling funds towards cancer research in honor of his late father, Dennis Rodriguez. Operating a dedicated online platform for his tattoo business, Johnson remains an active participant in tattoo expos such as the Golden State Tattoo Expo.

In a candid conversation on the Eden Pod, he opened up about a snowboarding accident that led to a shoulder injury before the show. Undeterred, he postponed surgery to complete the season, attributing much of his artistic style to Czech painter Alfons Mucha. A noteworthy aspect of his journey was his deep bond with artist Bryan Black, forming the inseparable duo known as The Good Time Boys.

Freddie Albrighton is in a Happy Relationship

Freddie Albrighton, the runner-up of season 15, found post-show success in collaboration with Fusion Ink. His popularity soared, leading to a flood of tattoo requests and a tripled Instagram following. Albrighton, associated with the Belfast Tattoo Convention, now operates from a private studio. Celebrated in Total Tattoo Magazine, he shares a joyful relationship with partner Patrick James, who humorously threw him a Loser watch party upon his runner-up exit. The proud owner of a Chihuahua, he has even ventured into the fragrance industry.

Jon Mesa Owns Multiple Businesses

Jon Mesa, a formidable semi-finalist, diversified his endeavors. Apart from owning a clothing line, Mesa is the proprietor of No Idols New York Tattoo and Piercing. Serving as a brand ambassador for Phix Clothing, he has delved into modeling. Mesa showcases his multifaceted talents by hosting the Honest Tattooer Podcast. He has connections to Eternal Ink and Maverick Tattoo Mercantile and also shares heartwarming moments with his son, Leo.

Jozzy Camacho Proudly Owns JC Tattoo Co.

Jozzy Camacho, a dedicated tattoo artist, experienced a surge in popularity after the show. Proud owner of JC Tattoo Co., a Tattoo and Piercing Shop, she expanded her repertoire with an upcoming clothing line, Skripted Culture. Her active presence at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Festival underscores her commitment to the industry. Residing in Manhattan, New York, Camacho showcases her artistic prowess through a social media presence dominated by her impressive body of work.

Bryan Black Works With Eric Maaske’s Classic Tattoo

Bryan Black, Johnson’s steadfast companion from The Good Time Boys, currently plies his trade at Eric Maaske’s Classic Tattoo. He is in a fulfilling relationship with Sophia Gabrielle. Black also explored motivational realms through podcasts, discussing positive thinking and inspirational quotes with Mikhail Alfon. Boasting a dedicated website for his artistic endeavors, Black’s passion extends beyond the tattoo studio as he indulges in his love for surfing.

Sydney Dyer Founded a Tattoo Shop

Sydney Dyer, the first Canadian contestant in ‘Ink Master’ history, stands out as the founder of The Brindle Room, a tattoo shop. Beyond her tattoo artistry, she is associated with The Deadly North Tattoo Supply and has ventured into merchandise sales. Dyer, facing a personal challenge, shared the news that her dog Bambi is battling cancer.

Charlene Ngo Regularly Attends Tattoo Expos

Charlene Ngo, a resilient tattoo artist and body painter, has established a private tattoo studio where she continues to showcase her artistic prowess. Regularly attending tattoo expos, including the prestigious Golden State Tattoo Expo, Ngo reflects on her time on the show with pride. Despite not winning the title, she expresses gratitude for the experience, emphasizing the fulfillment of personal goals. She shares her creative journey with a supportive community, dedicating her days to giving back the love she has received. Her family, including her husband and two daughters, Brystol and Hazel, play a significant role in her life, adding joy to her days.

David Martinez Got Engaged in 2023

David Martinez, setting ambitious goals after the show, embarked on a journey to become one of the most influential artists. Undeterred by initial setbacks, he learned from admired artists, incorporating advice into his craft. Despite industry skepticism, Martinez achieved significant success, winning accolades at major tattoo conventions. His dedication to proving the validity of his unique style resonates with his engagement in 2023 and a commitment to a life dedicated to God.

Jenna Kerr Works at Two Studios Simultaneously

Jenna Kerr, a distinguished tattoo artist, has made a significant mark in the industry, working at Royal Gothic Tattoo Studio in South Wales, UK, and contributing to the artistic atmosphere at Inkology Tattoo Art Gallery in New York. Her prominence is further emphasized by affiliations with renowned companies such as Inkjecta, World Famous Ink, and Dermalize Pro Tattoo Aftercare. Kerr’s artistic creations are not confined to the studio, as her designs are available online, showcasing her talent to a global audience. In a personal triumph, she celebrated a joyous engagement with Jayce Lewis in November 2022, adding a heartfelt milestone to her impressive list of professional achievements.

Koral Ladna was Featured in Inked Magazine

Koral Ladna, co-owner of Fortune and Love Tattoo, is a force to be reckoned with in the tattoo world. Leveraging her influence, Ladna has formed partnerships with Mad Rabbit and Clean and Vegan Tattoo Skincare, showcasing her commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in the industry. Recognized for her artistry, she earned a feature in the prestigious Inked Magazine, further solidifying her status as a notable figure. She has also shared valuable insights into her unique tattoo style on the Honest Tattooer Podcast, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the creative mind behind the ink. Notably, she has showcased her talents at the DC Tattoo Expo, further solidifying her presence on the tattoo scene.

Glenn Cuzen Holds Artist Workshops

Glenn Cuzen, a distinguished tattoo artist, aligns his artistry with Skin Shield and enjoys sponsorship from Jconly Official. As the proud owner of Topgun Tattooing, an award-winning studio offering both tattoos and piercings, Cuzen showcases his expertise and creativity. His commitment to the industry extends beyond the studio, as evidenced by his participation in events like the Mexico Tattoo Convention. He also imparts his knowledge through workshops, sharing his skills with aspiring artists. In a notable role, he served as a judge at the Skin Deep Tattoo Event Tattoo Freeze. Besides his professional life, he shares glimpses of his moments by posting photos with his partner, Jessica Visconti, creating a well-rounded life of his journey in the tattoo world.

Jessica Valentine Co-Owns a Studio With Her Wife

Jessica Valentine, associated with Emalla Official, The CosmoGlo Light, and Ink Maps Tattoo, is a trailblazer in the tattoo industry. Co-owning Haven Tattoo Studio with her wife, the shop stands as a queer women-owned establishment catering to women and the LGBTQ+ community. Her artistic prowess has gained recognition, with features in esteemed publications such as Inked Magazine, BuzzFeed, Elle Australia, Oprah Magazine, and Nylon Magazine. Her joyous life with visual artist Cameron Cox, marked by their marriage in 2022, exemplifies the harmonious intersection of love, art, and entrepreneurship.

Dave Patel Owns a Luxury Tattoo and Fine Art Shop

Dave Patel, the enigmatic owner, and artist at Lejend Tattoo, has established a mark in the luxury tattoo and fine art sphere. While Patel maintains a private personal life, he proudly acknowledges his son as the CEO of his shop. This mysterious yet successful approach contributes to the allure surrounding Patel’s brand, leaving fans intrigued by the fusion of privacy and artistic expression.

Aaron Davis-Holloway is a Freelance Illustrator

Aaron Davis-Holloway, a distinguished Afro-Americana tattoo artist and freelance illustrator, has embraced a multifaceted creative journey. Beyond tattooing, he sells his designs online, showcasing his talent to a global audience. Living a shared artistic life with his wife, fellow tattoo artist Kayla, Davis-Holloway’s deep connection with fellow cast member Jon Mesa emphasizes the enduring friendships forged during their time on the show.

Joel Mejia Continues To Thrive in His Tattoo Career

Joel Mejia, despite an early elimination from ‘Ink Master,’ has emerged as a resilient artist focused on body design. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, he utilizes social media, particularly his YouTube channel, to share his ongoing artistic journey. He intricately details the inspiration behind his creations, inviting viewers to witness the evolution of a true artist. With love blooming in his life with Luis Isaac Chavez, Mejia plans to relocate to LA in mid-2024, adding a new chapter to his inspiring journey.

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