Insomniacs After School Episode 1 Recap: Capella

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 1 titled ‘Capella,’ the show focuses on the life of insomniac Ganta Nakami that has been complicated by his sleeping disorder. However, when he meets another student from his class who struggles with the same problem, the two of them quickly grow quite close. The beauty of the night and their insomnia offer a chance for the duo to connect and offer each other much-need emotional support. Will the two of them use this rare opportunity?

Nakami and Isaki Become Friends

Grumpy Ganta Nakami is an ordinary school student who suffers from insomnia and has had trouble sleeping for quite some time now. The continuous flow of meaningless thoughts rushes through his head every night and keeps him wide awake. In the morning he notices his neighbors going through their morning rituals and realizes that it’s time for him to finally head to school despite being completely exhausted. At the school, Ganta’s classmate Motoko tells her classmates the story behind the school being forced to close down the Astronomy club. Motoko explains that once upon a time a girl from the club had a crush on a boy on the football team.

When she got rejected by him, she took her own life by jumping from the school’s observatory. Sometime later, a boy from the Astronomy club while observing the night sky said that a girl is waving her hands towards him from the moon. It turns out that this boy had feelings for the girl who had died and he eventually got so obsessed with the night sky that he lost sleep. Eventually, he passed away but before his death, he told that the girl was not waving her hand to say hello but was inviting him to join her. Eventually, all the members of the Astronomy club met with the same fate and it was then turned into a warehouse.

But Motoko claims that the ghost of the girl still lives behind the closed doors of the Astronomy club to this day. Anamizu has had enough at this point and tells Motoko to do a better job of helping her classmates prepare for the cultural festival and stop talking about the rumors of the ghosts. Kanikawa knows she is at fault but asks Anamizu to notice Nakami who is simply sleeping in the room. The duo then wakes up Ganta and sends him to bring boxes from the stairs near the Astronomy club. When Nakami gets there, he notices that the door of the Astronomy club is open and goes inside to get some sleep.

That’s when he is shocked to find his classmate Isaki who is already sleeping there. It turns out that she also suffers from insomnia and likes to take rest there from time to time. Since the door gets accidentally locked, Nakami drops a message to his friend Ukegawa and the two end up sleeping in the meantime. When they wake up, they are ashamed to find how close they were to each other the whole time. This marks the beginning of the unlikely friendship between the two and they start talking more often.

What is the Nightly Fun Society? Who Are Its Members?

After cleaning the Astronomy room, Isaki and Ganta finally lay on the ground to take some rest. Now that there is more than enough space for both of them, they no longer have to compromise and can sleep properly. Suddenly Isaki asks Nakami how he spends his long and boring nights. Ganta explains that he started reading books and listening to the radio after learning that LCD screens can mess up one’s sleep. Nothing really works and his mind just wanders for hours until it’s morning again.

Isaki hates the fact that they sound so helpless and points out that they need to make things fun. She proposes the idea to make the Nightly Fun Society based on the philosophy to focus on enjoying the night since the morning sun is eventually going to be the same. The following night, Isaki and Ganta meet each other. The former introduces herself as Society member number 1 and after basic rituals, the duo starts exploring the city together.

The two classmates are naturally quite nervous and decide to walk through the shopping district as it is easier to hide there. In one instance, a police officer becomes suspicious that he saw someone walking on the street in the middle of the night but Ganta and Isaki manage to hide from him. The duo slowly begins to appreciate the beauty of the night and spends several hours basking in its glory.

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