Insomniacs After School Episode 10 Recap: The Elder Sister Star -Spica of Virgo

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 10 titled ‘The Elder Sister Star -Spica of Virgo-‘ Miss Kurashiki meets Ganta and Isaki’s families so that she can inform them about the Astronomy club’s training trip. The duo later goes shopping for the trip. Interestingly, it is Haya who drives them to her grandmother’s abandoned home so that the two of them can complete their training and get the best photo of the night sky.

Ganta And Isaki Go Shopping

Since Isaki and Ganta are about to go on their Astronomy club’s training trip, Miss Kurashiki pays their families a visit to inform them about the same and get their permission. Nakami’s father is quite surprised that he is interested in stargazing as he has previously never noticed that in him. He recalls his childhood and mentions how unproblematic he has always been. It turns out that Isaki’s mother had left her family one ordinary day without even saying a word and since then the father-son duo has been each other’s rock.

Later, Isaki and Ganta visit Kanazawa for shopping for their trip. Interestingly, it is Haya who ends up driving them to her grandmother’s home where they are supposed to stay for the next few days. The house has a beautiful view of the sea. Once they reach there, the trio spends some time relaxing. Later that evening, Ganta decides to go to the nearby shrine so that he can take a photo of the sunset. He texts Isaki to meet him there too. But Haya reaches there before her sister and informs Isaki that she will join them soon.

Why Does Haya Tell Ganta to Not Get Involved With Isaki? What Responsibility That She Later Trusts Him With?

When Ganta is setting up his camera for the sunset photo, Haya tells him that she heard that Isaki tried to hook up with him. Nakami understandably becomes quite defensive and is quick to point out that she did tell him that he was special for her but that cannot be equated to love. Furthermore, he also mentions that the circumstances were such that she was also trying to cheer him up. Haya then becomes a bit serious and tells Nakami that he must not get involved with Isaki.

Haya then asks him not to feel sorry for her- pointing to the possibility that he potentially just feels bad for Isaki and is not really interested in her as a person. Ganta clarifies that he does not know what Isaki has been through in her life but he has never felt sorry for her. Interestingly, he in fact feels that she is quite cool. According to Nakami, she is the kind of person who shines very brightly in his eyes. Haya does say anything and moments later Isaki arrives there as well. Once the camera is set up, Haya is shocked to see how beautifully it has captured the beauty of the small city.

The following morning, she informs Isaki that she is going out on a short trip with her boyfriend and tells her never to open her mouth in front of their parents. The sisters end up having a brief altercation before Haya starts loading her bags in her car. Isaki stays in her room as she is still a little angry but Ganta helps her with the luggage. He feels that he may have something to do with everything but Haya reveals that Isaki never tells anyone about her heart problems.

Isaki has gone through surgery several times in the past and the schools have therefore given her preferential treatment. Haya sometimes got annoyed by all the attention her sister was receiving. But unlike others, she never felt sorry for her sister and did not pamper her. Now that Ganta has shared that he felt the same way, Haya feels that the ball is in now his court. By saying this, she is probably alluding to the fact that she feels that Ganta must look after Isaki from now on.

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