Insomniacs After School Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 9 titled ‘Altair and Vega,’ Ganta fails to secure funds for the Astronomy club’s training trip and is naturally disappointed. He tries to get a part-time job but fails the interview. Luckily, when Shiromaru-senpai hears about the budget constraints, she offers him a job at her shop. Meanwhile, Isaki visits the beach with her friends when something unexpected happens. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Insomniacs After School Episode 9 Recap

When Ganta tries to secure funds for the training trip that he plans for the Astronomy club, he is informed that the Student council does not have money. This means that he will have to earn the money for the trip on his own. He asks Ukegawa’s help to write a resume so that he can apply for a part-time job. Later that night, he stays at the Astronomy club and observes the moon.

Ganta has a special radio show only for Magiri in which he also talks about the budget constraints for the training trip. The following day, he fails the part-time job interview and is extremely disappointed. Ganta shares the same with Shiromaru-senpai who is kind enough to offer him a job at her shop. He joins the following day. Magiri and Ukegawa pay him a visit on the first day of his part-time job.

Sometime later, Magiri goes to the beach with her friends. She is quite excited about the trip. Meanwhile, one of her friends is hoping to find a guy so that she can have a date. Interestingly, they meet Haida there who has taken a part-time job at a nearby shop. He also reveals that he was looking for a potential date. Just as they are talking, Magiri is hit on by grade schoolers who thought that she was younger than she actually is.

Insomniacs After School Episode 9 Ending: How Does Isaki Help Ganta’s Budgeting For the Training Trip?

On an ordinary day of work, Ganta finds Shiromaru-senpai spending time outside the shop. Once the doors are finally opened, he starts working diligently. Soon the conversation between the two shifts toward the training trip that Ganta has been planning for a while. Shiromaru learns that he plans to go to Mitsukejima Island and the Rokkosaki lighthouse, before heading to the Mawaki site. She advises that he plans very smartly for the trip since he has budgetary constraints.

Ganta inquires if trips like that cost a lot of money. Shiromaru reveals that the budget can go quite high considering the fact that he will have to take care of the transportation, lodging, and food. Since Isaki will also go with him that would mean that he needs even more money. Naturally, not being able to secure funds from school does have a significant impact on the overall plan and now Ganta will have to find a way out of his budgetary dilemma.

As Ganta is alone at home, he thinks deeply about the problem. That’s when Isaki surprises him. She reveals that she was on the beach just now and came directly to meet him. Interestingly, she was hit on for the first time in her life. As the conversation eventually turns towards the budgeting of the training trip, Isaki reveals that her grandmother’s house is in the middle of Noto. She has even asked for their permission to use it.

Now, Isaki and Ganta no longer have to worry about lodging costs since the empty house is available for the entire summer. Furthermore, Isaki feels that they can also save a lot of money by cooking their own food. When Ganta listens to her, he is immediately relieved as the budget constraints have been really overwhelming him recently. Now that they have sorted things out, he also tells Isaki that he wants to take pictures exactly like Shiromaru-senpai by going to the Mawaki site.

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