Insomniacs After School Episode 12 Recap: Planet -Wandering Star

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 12, titled ‘Planet -Wandering Star-‘ Isaki and Magari cannot do much as another training day is wasted because of heavy rain. The duo are visited by their friends. All of them have a great time together and also get to talk about some personal things. When they eventually leave, Isaki gets a call from her mother asking her to return back to home as she has finally figured out that Haya is not with her.

Isaki and Magari’s Friends Cheer Them Up

Nakami wakes up and realizes that he is quite late. Just when he is about to go and get ready in a hurry, Magari informs her that it has been raining heavily since this morning. They decide to just do other work that day. Nakami does something with the images that he has taken while Magari is completing the summer homework. Since the rain gets even worse in the next few hours, they decide to wear raincoats and protect the house with storm shutters.

The following day, Magari and Isaki are visited by their friends. They are excited to use the opportunity to have a blast at Isaki’s grandmother’s house since no one will be there to stop them. When they finally see the house, their friends are mesmerized by the natural beauty of the surroundings. Eventually, when the girls go out, Ukegawa finally gets the chance to talk to Nakami.

Ukegawa has noticed that something has changed between Isaki and Nakami, so he asks his friend directly. Naturally, Nakami feels embarrassed by the question but does not reveal that they have kissed already. That night, Nakami, Isaki, and their friends sing together after they light a bonfire in the backyard. Nakami and Isaki later drop their friends at the train station the following day.

Does Magari Go To Mawaki Site With Nakami?

While walking back home, Magari gets a call from her mother, but she does not answer. Nakami worries that it could be something important. It turns out that her parents have found out that Haya is not with them. After they wander in the village a little, the two friends eventually go back to the house. That’s when Isaki finally has a long phone call with her parents in which they discuss their concerns.

In the meantime, Nakami cooks for him and Magari. Once they finally sit down to have lunch, Isaki reveals that her parents want her to go back home. However, she simply told them that she is yet to visit the Mawaki site and is not going to come back. Nakami feels that it was just too rude of her to hang the phone like that and asks her to call her back and talk things over.

Magari is not ready to listen to anything and refuses to call her parents. This leads to a brief altercation between her and Nakami. After they become quiet again, Isaki mentions that her mother said to her that staying alone with a boy leads to inappropriate behavior. This appears to have bothered Magari, especially when she and Nakami have not done anything. That’s when Magari receives a text message again, in which her mother tells her that she is going to come and pick her up with her father.

Nakami notices that Isaki is disappointed by the whole situation and understands that she wants to be part of the whole training. So, he tells her that they should clean the house after eating as he is going to kidnap her after that and take her to the Mawaki site. Nakami knows that he is acting impulsively but reassures Magari that he won’t let her go without finishing the training session. This naturally brings a smile to Isaki’s face, who had tears in her eyes just a few moments ago.

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