Insomniacs After School Episode 4 Recap: Venus

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 4 titled ‘Venus,’ Isaki imagines going out on a firework date with Nakami and quickly realizes that she may have feelings for him. However, the two of them continue to act as strangers in front of their friends. Meanwhile, a three-day seaside camp trip is planned and the students are divided into different groups for it.

Isaki Wants to Date Nakami

One ordinary morning, Isaki and her friends sit together to discuss mundane things about life. They eventually end up discussing the Seven Fateful Bridges, a legend according to which if someone has a crush they should cross all the seven bridges over the Misogi River in silence, as they get bound together by mutual love after fulfilling the ritual. The girls then discuss going on a fireworks date as it will be quite romantic. That’s when Isaki imagines and feels that Ganta is probably not the kind of person who would like such a date.

Meanwhile, the two of them continue to avoid each other in front of other students as if they don’t even know one another. But Ukegawa appears to have learned at this point that there is something between the two of them. When Isaki and Ganta meet later, they discuss going to see the fireworks together. One day at school, the students are informed about a three-day seaside camping trip. The students will be tasked to work in different groups and Ganta is paired with Rui.

Are Isaki And Ganta Falling For Each Other?

During school time, Ganta heads to the bathroom which seems completely unoccupied until Rui walks in. He first starts by talking about mundane stuff before mentioning that he saw Ganta the previous night. Rui teases him by reminding him that loitering in the middle of the night is total delinquent behavior. He also asks Ganta where he was headed with his backpack filled to the brim. Interestingly, this infuriates Nakami a little who is usually calm most of the time. When Ganta inquires whether Rui plans to tell on him, the latter is quick to remind him that he will also get into trouble by doing so.

Unfortunately for both of them, Hakui-sensei is in one of the closed toilets near them and shocks the duo by coming out. They are then summoned to the teacher’s room where he tells them that he will let them off the hook with just a stern warning this time. But Hakui-sensei recommend the two students that they should spend their day time working out as it will allow them to have a much better sleep during the night. He explains that it is natural to not be able to sleep on some nights but they should get into a habit of relaxing in the bed every night so that they eventually get the much-needed rest.

Things are going well until this point, but Hakui-sensei then mentions that people who are not able to sleep at night are somehow messed up. This angers Ganta to the point that he forgets everything and ends up abusing his teacher. Later that day, he meets Isaki in the Astronomy room, and it’s evident that he is not having a good day. Nakami tells Magari that the weather forecast for the three seaside camp days is cloudy. Therefore, he feels that there is no chance that he will be able to click any photos as he has been planning in the last few days.

Isaki realizes that Ganta needs appreciation and tells him to smile more. She then tells him that if the weather is clear on any of the three seaside camp days, they will meet each other under the starry sky on the beach. Ganta hopes that the weather eventually clears up and then falls asleep in the Astronomy room. Isaki tries to wake him up once then she realizes that he is in deep sleep. She looks affectionately at him and then puts her head on his back- eventually falling asleep next to him.

Nakami’s unexpected reaction to Hakui-sensei’s comment only happened as he imagined and really felt the pain of people like Isaki who struggle with insomnia. On the other hand, Isaki’s affectionate reaction to Nakami’s sadness just goes on to show that the two of them certainly have some feelings for each other. Since they are expected to spend more time together in the future as they are in the same club, it won’t be surprising if the two friends end up falling for one another.

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