Insomniacs After School Episode 3 Recap: Fomalhaut

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 3 titled ‘Fomalhaut -Piscis Austrinus-‘ Nakami and Isaki learn that their application for the club has been formally accepted and the former is selected as the President. Since Urashiki is also clueless about club activities for the Astronomy Club, she helps them get in touch with alumni named Shiromaru. When Nakami and Isaki meet her, she educates the duo about using the camera and gives them other tips as well. Later, Urashiki informs the duo about the National High School Starry Night Photography Contest in which Nakami can participate to secure more funds for the club.

Nakami and Isaki Join the Astronomy Club

Now that Nakami has joined the Astronomy Club, he tells Ukegawa about it. Ukegawa is naturally happy for his friend but also wants to see him in action. Since Nakami feels that he will only be distracting him, he tells Ukegawa not to come despite his repeated requests. After doing all the paperwork, Nakami and Isaki later pay Miss Urashiki a visit to her office and learn that their application has been accepted. Since Isaki is juggling two clubs at this point, Ganta is selected as the Astronomy Club’s President.

Although Ganta feels that this is just a formality, he is informed by Urashiki that he will be attending the annual budget meeting in September. There he will be reporting the club activities over the past year which will eventually determine the funding that they get later in March. Since even Urashiki is clueless about club activities of the Astronomy Club, she connects Nakami and Isaki with alumni so that they can ask them their doubts. Ganta and Isaki later go to a rural location looking for the alumni member and eventually find the shop where she works.

Shiromaru is actually a manager at a gaming parlor and welcomes the duo with open arms. She even teaches them all the camera setting they have to do to take better photos and gives them a lot of other advice. The following day at school, Shiromaru is invited to the club for a meeting by Urashiki, who tells Ganta and Isaki about an upcoming National High School Starry Night Photography Contest. If Nakami does well there, he will have no problem securing funds for the club.

How Does Shiromaru Inspire Ganta And Isaki?

The night after Shiromaru meets Ganta and Isaki in their school again, she checks the weather to ensure that it is a clear night. She is satisfied with the fact that the weather is clear just like it has been predicted by the forecasters. Shiromaru then packs a meal and rides her scooter to an open ground just next to a shrine. She then sets up her camera to wait for the right moment and proceeds to eat after preparing a nice place for her to relax.

When Shiromaru eventually returns to her camera, she is mesmerized by the view of the night sky through her lens and takes some stunning photos. Since she only has her cat with her, she shows the pictures to it and bemoans the fact that no one is there to really appreciate the beauty of the night sky with her. Eventually, she opens the messenger app on her phone and checks the Astronomy Club group.

However, Shiromaru is reluctant to send Ganta and Isaki a message so late at night since they are just high schoolers. After thinking for a while, she sends them a photo of the night sky that she has taken. Naturally, the night owls are not sleeping and reply instantly. Ganta and Isaki praise the photos. Shiromaru tells them that she came to a spot near the Nanao Castle ruins after work to capture the mesmerizing night sky. She then also mentions how the weather conditions were luckily perfect for the beautiful shots.

It goes without saying that Ganta and Isaki are just at a loss for words as they can barely contain their excitement. With the National High School Starry Night Photography Contest coming up in the following weeks, this is just the right motivation Ganta needs to give his best. Since he and Isaki have the guidance of Shiromaru, they will most likely draw inspiration from her and use it to prepare for the National contest.

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