Insomniacs After School Episode 5 Recap: Canopus -The Keel

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 5 titled ‘Canopus -The Keel-‘ Ganta and his friends leave for the three-day seaside camping trip. When they finally reach the area near the beach, the students cooperate to build camps and even cook food. At night, Ganta tries to fall asleep but the students in his camp are just too loud. Since the weather is really bad, he cannot even go outside to take photos of the night sky.

Ganta Goes For a Camping Trip With His Friends

As he is packing his back to leave for the school trip, Ganta recalls Magiri’s words to meet her at the beach if the weather is clear. On the bus, the students play some fun games to pass the time. Since Ganta didn’t sleep like every other night, she struggles to stay awake, while his school friends keep bugging him. When they finally reach the camping grounds, the students work together to prepare for the days ahead.

On the first night of the trip, Ganta tries to sleep but the students in his camp are quite loud. They are eager to do something exciting but also know that they must not get caught by the teacher. Rui along with two other students tries to go near the girl’s camps but is stopped by Hakui-sensei. Luckily, they manage to convince him that they were just looking for toilets. Since the teachers are keeping a strict eye, Rui and others decide to play inside the camp. Meanwhile, Ganta tries to catch sleep but is unable to just like every other night.

Do Magiri and Ganta Meet On The Camping Trip?

Just like the first night, Ganta struggles to fall asleep on the second one as well. After trying hard till 1 a.m. he decides to go out of the camp to have a look at the weather as he can no longer hear the sound of rain. Interestingly, Ganta finds out that the weather has cleared up and he can see all the stars. He immediately grabs his camera and heads to the beach. On his way, he is surprised to find Magiri who had made him promise that they will meet each other if the weather is clear.

The two friends are glad to finally get to spend some time together. They play on the beach under the sky full of stars. Later, Ganta takes out his camera and makes all the adjustments for the photos that he had planned to take. Since the sky is clear, the conditions are almost perfect to capture the undeniable beauty of the night, but the camera takes almost 2 hours to get the perfect photo. Once they have set it up, the two of them sit together on a carpet nearby. Naturally, they are bored and don’t know what to do to spend the two hours. That’s when Magiri asks him if he wants to sleep with her.

Before he feels awkward, she is quick to clarify that she knows he is not getting enough sleep and then confesses that the best sleep she has had was when she slept next to him hearing his heartbeat. Ganta also reveals that it was the same for him as well. Eventually, Ganta lets Magiri listen to his heartbeat and sleep next to him. She notices that his heartbeat is rather fast compared to what it was like the previous time. Ganta keeps quiet but he loves the fact that the two of them are cuddling.

An hour earlier he was in the camp dying to get some sleep, but now that he was slowly drifting off, he feels that he wants to live the moment just a little bit longer. The two of them eventually fall asleep and do not wake up until it’s time for sunrise. Ganta realizes that the two of them are quite late and if somebody sees them together then it would be hard to come up with an explanation. Therefore, they immediately rush back to the camp, hoping that no one is awake at this point.

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