Insomniacs After School Episode 6 Recap: Shooting Star

In ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’ or ‘Insomniacs After School’ episode 6 titled ‘Shooting Star,’ Ganta finally gets to show the photos he took on the beach to Shiromaru. Although she praises him for doing a good job of capturing the night sky, she also tells Nakami to work more as the reflection of the stars on the water was not captured properly. Sometime later, Ganta and Isaki start preparing to organize the meteor shower viewing party with the help of Ukegawa. But it soon becomes evident that they will need the help of more people.

Ganta Is Given Tips By Shiromaru

Shiromaru visits the Astronomy club and finds Nakami working alone. The room is quite hot and Magari soon arrives there with a table fan that she says she borrowed from Miss Usako’s office. Ganta then shows all the photos he took on the beach and Shiromaru points out that the stars did not get reflected well on the sea. However, she does praise Nakami for doing a good job of capturing the stars in the sky and motivates him to continue working hard on his photography skills.

Since the summer break is coming, Ganta and Isaki plan to organize the meteor viewing party at the school. In order to organize the entire meteor shower viewing party, Isaki, and Ganta obviously need help. Magari feels that it’s one thing to ask their friends to come to the event and completely another thing to request their help to run the entire thing. Interestingly, Nakami volunteers to talk to Isaki’s friends. The two of them then head to the art room where Mina is busy doing her assignment all by herself.

It turns out that she is more than happy to help the duo as soon as she is done. She then tells Nakami and Magari that she is bored to use the plaster bust as a model, implying that she would love it if either one of them will volunteer to help her finish her assignment. Eventually, Ganta agrees to model for the sketch and removes his shirt. But Mina soon realizes that it’s too distracting to see him without a shirt and asks him to get dressed again. Sometime later, Mina manages to get Ganta and Isaki to pose for the sketch together. She draws a beautiful poster for the meteor viewing party with the two of them as models.

How Do Isaki And Ganta Advertise the Meteor Shower Viewing Party?

When Ukegawa sees the poster for the viewing party, he is quite impressed. When he has a meeting with Isaki and Ganta later, he reveals that they have managed to secure permission at a few places to put up the posters. However, there are about six locations where they would need to post people for the task. They already have three people and adding Nono will mean that they only need two more volunteers.

Ganta is confident that it won’t be a hard task and later talks to Motoko- who refuses to offer him any kind of help. She is also quite rude to him, which makes Nakami wonder why Isaki is even friends with someone like her. Nakami then goes on to discuss the same with Anamizu, who is busy playing baseball. He waits for her training to be over and when everyone is gone he tries to talk to her again. But instead of asking him anything about his reasons to come to her, Anamizu makes Ganta play baseball with her.

Later she agrees to help him with the meteor shower viewing event and when Motoko learns that some of her friends are already on board with the plan, she also joins the team. After their meeting, Nakami goes to pay a visit to Shiromaru. He informs her about the upcoming training camp that he and Isaki had planned. Shiromaru uses this chance to tease Ganta about his growing closeness with Isaki and refuses to come. She wants the two of them to work hard with the right mindset.

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