Interior Design Masters Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Interior Design is the art that requires a clear understanding of colors, schemes, spaces, materials, and more. It requires precision and perfection. In BBC One’s British television competition reality series ‘Interior Design Masters,’ 10 amateur design enthusiasts sign up to showcase their understanding of design and its various parameters. The one who can keep the judges wow-ed till the end gets to take home a prestigious commercial contract.

The show had two enthralling seasons and returned with a third in 2022, in which Banjo Beale took home the number one position and earned the chance to renovate the prestigious Cornwall Hotel. While it’s been some time since the season wrapped up and all the contestants moved on, loyal fans of the show have been wondering what their favorite amateur designers currently are. Fret not because we’ve got you covered.

Banjo Beale Now Has His Own BAFTA Award-Winning TV Show

The winner of season 3, Australia-born Banjo Beale, impressed judges with his use of sustainability in creating artful spaces. Currently based in Scotland’s Isle of Mull with his partner, Ro. Ever since he won ‘Interior Design Masters,’ life for Banjo has been on a high. In June 2022, he joined the judges panel on ‘Scotland’s Home of the Year.’ It was in April 2023 that he started working on his second television show, ‘Designing The Hebrides.’

The six-part series will see him and his talented design team visiting several gorgeous remote locations and performing renovations on them using minimal budgets. In 2023, the show earned a BAFTA Scotland features. Banjo’s debut book, ‘Wild Isle Style’ was released in October 2023. It champions budget-friendly design and is a celebration of unique styles. His design studio, Banjo’s Interior Design Studio, caters to both private and commercial clients all over the UK and beyond, helping them by creating characterful spaces.

Amy Davies Has Launched a Home Textiles Business

Ayrshire-Scotland native Amy Davies was the runner-up of season 3. The print designer & illustrator, who currently lives in London with her husband, had a gradual progression on the show. Her confidence throughout the series grew leaps, and she was able to showcase her fondness for patterns, designs, and colors in a unique way. A very poignant moment on the show’s finale was when Amy spoke of her struggle with fertility and how exhaustive the process was.

After her stint on the show ended, Amy shifted her focus to using her knowledge in fashion to launch her own textile business through her website, Amy Davies Design. She also sells custom prints and wallpapers. While she says that the technical aspect of marketing her products bothers her a little, her husband, Freddy, helps her ease through it. However, her website is presently undergoing a makeover and is inaccessible. In April 2023, Amy and fellow designer Fran Lee appeared in the ‘TV Carpenter Podcast,’ to discuss life in ‘Interior Design Masters’ and life after it.

Paul Andrews Has Transitioned From Visual Merchandising to Interior Designing

Fleetwood native and London-based Paul Andrews was a semi-finalist in season 3. The self-proclaimed “creative genius” was known for his crafty mid-century minimalist designs. After his illustrious time on the show ended, Paul returned to his family home in Leicestershire, where he renovated a Grade II listed cottage.

Deciding to utilize his experience on the show, the visual merchandiser chose to transition full-time to interior designing and opened Paul Alfred Andrews Design and Interiors. He provides his clients with a personalized style that translates their design concepts into visualized forms by mixing classic and contemporary styles. His social media is replete with client works and fashionable clicks of the man himself.

Fran Lee is Set to Work With a Childhood Trust

Fashion stylist Fran Lee from West London reached the top 4 of season 3. She had managed to make an impression on both viewers and the judges throughout the weeks, thanks to her astute attention to detail and creative flair. The week before the finale had been particularly hard on her after her beloved cat passed away and her daughter Margate, with Type 1 diabetes, landed in the A&E due to a severe illness.

After her time on the show ended, Fran focussed on her growing fashion and interior design studio, Fran Lee Creative. She also actively voices and promotes awareness about Type 1 disabilities. In keeping with her desire to collaborate with charities, she’s also set to work on ‘Decorate a Child’s Life’ with The Childhood Trust.


Dean Powell Continues to Champion His Love For The Color Black

Reading-based store manager Dean Powell was a bit of a star before his time on the British reality show. Owning the ‘most talked about house’ in all of Reading was the cause for it. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Dean had painted his entire house black due to his love for the color. Calling himself “The Dark Lord,” he has also incorporated his fascination for the color black throughout his journey on the show.

In 2022, he and fellow contestants Fran Lee and Amy Davies returned to Salisbury for a competition where three lucky businesses would get makeovers with festive themes from them. The father of two has continued to give fashion and interior design inspiration by drawing focus on the color black. His social media that goes by ‘Dark Lord Interiors’ shows how it can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a place.

Molly Coath Works as a Senior Interior Designer Today

Molly Coath, the young former business administrator from Dunstable, was one of the most promising contestants on the show. After wrapping up her time on the show, Molly was intent on furthering her career in interior design and worked on several big freelance projects. She also started selling products on her website, Moco Interior, which also provides customized art services, digital design, and complete design packages.

September 2022 saw her work as a design assistant to world-renowned Interior Designer Matthew Williamson for the Birmingham-based The Cocktail Club. In January 2023, Molly had a brilliant start to the year as she began working as a senior interior designer for Stella Mannering & Company in Woodstock.

Abi Davis is Now an Art Department Assistant on Television

Solihull native Abi Davis, who now lives in Central London, had always been intrigued with upcycling. Having managed to impress the judges through her bright and over-the-top designs, she’d made quite a mark for herself on the show. However, a dual elimination saw her and her friend Rochelle leave the show rather unexpectedly. After her stint in the competition, Abi has focused on expanding her upcycling business through her website ‘Abi Ann Davis,’ and providing services in thrifting interiors, sets, and homeware. In April 2023, she started working with ITV Studios on ‘This Morning’ as their Art Department assistant. She also appeared on the show with Banjo to discuss ways of doing budget interiors.


Rochelle Dalphinis is Expanding Her Interior Home Gifting Online Shop

Team coordinator Rochelle Dalphinis from London was eliminated in week three of the show. She and her close friend, Abi, were eliminated together due to a shock double eviction. Since then, Rochelle worked on renovating her kitchen and shared her journey with fans on her socials. She also started to focus on growing her business, Luna Spot Design, which she founded in 2016. The site offers accessories and unique home designs, most of which are designed and sourced by her. Luna has a social media page where she provides clothing inspiration called ‘Rochloves.’ In October 2023, Luna founded the Creative Freedom Consultancy intending to transform the design industry into becoming inclusive and fair.


Peter Anderson is Focused on Furthering His Passion and Profession

A charming hairdresser from Newcastle, Peter Anderson’s passion for interior designing was long-standing. However, his son had urged him to apply for the show. Even though he didn’t get much time to showcase his talent and abilities, it has deterred Peter from pursuing his passion. In April 2023, he performed at the Tyne Theatre for a show. He gave his Whitley Bay hair salon, ‘Anderson’s,’ a complete interior design makeover in 2023. Peter is currently working on a few commercial design ventures with the help of his son. He also hopes to bring his fellow contestants to Newcastle to enjoy a bit of Geordie hospitality.


Richard O’Gorman Now Focuses on Mural Painting

Birmingham’s Richard O’Gorman was the first person to get evicted from the show after his handmade curtains failed to win over the judges. However, he hasn’t let that deter him from living his dream. He started ‘Househomo’ soon after to document the progress of his new house and connect with fellow interior stylists. Richard also offers e-styling services to individual clients and businesses and provides them with customized styling advice and room redesigns. The Birmingham-based content creator now actively works on murals for clients. Along with that, he has been collaborating extensively with several brands.


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