Interior Design Masters Season 4: Where Are The Contestants Now?

The 4th season of ‘Interior Design Masters,’ the hit British competition reality series on BBC One, was released in 2023. Like its predecessors, this season also had ten highly talented and amateur design enthusiasts sign up to show their work and wow the judges and the audience. Weeks of creative outbursts and adrenaline-filled deadlines later, Monika Charchula was crowned the winner.

Other than the tag of being the number one designer, she also got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redesign one of Central London’s top cocktail bars. While it has been a short while since the season wrapped up, ardent fans of the show are eager to know where their favorite designers are and what they are currently doing.

Monika Charchula is Expanding Her Brand Offerings

Nottingham-based furniture artist Monika Charchula was crowned the winner after defeating Jack Kinsey in the finale. Judges had praised her growth through the series, and she was highly admired for her ability to fulfill each brief every time. After her momentous win, Monika decided to chase her dream of turning her brand, 84 Square, which provides expertly crafted upcycled furniture and customized home decor, into a well-known name.

Monika, in tune with expanding her business, now provides gothic home decor, stencils, snake onlays and sculptures, wall art, cushions, and furniture art. She also wants to extend her assistance to include interior design services. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era, Catholic symbolism, witchcraft, and paganism, Monika mostly includes these elements in her work, which she refers to as “granny goth style.’ She is also a brand ambassador for Woodubend.

Jack Kinsey Has Been Working With Clients Across the Country

The runner-up of season 4, Norfolk’s interiors shop owner Jack Kinsey’s life completely changed after his stint on the show. Having renovated a 20th-century Norfolk chapel into a home, Jack found his true calling in restoration and timeless interior design. Since then, he has done multiple projects in the residential and commercial sectors, all across the country, such as in hotels, bars, show homes, and restaurants.

Other than that, Jack has an online shop selling his wallpaper line soon. He also has a contract with Bright Horizons and is working on an Art Deco villa in Spain. Jack hopes to become the number one designer in Norfolk. He and his boyfriend have currently put their chapel for sale and are looking to rework another fun building in Norfolk.

Tom Power is Now Focusing Full-Time on His Interior Design Career

South London’s waiter, actor, and upholsterer Tom Power was the semi-finalist of ‘Interior Design Masters’ season 4. He had managed to impress the judges throughout his journey with his aesthetic and modernist design approach. Since his time on the show, Tom has been focusing on his interior design studio, Tom Power Design.

Tom has been mostly working with residential projects both in the UK and Ireland. He hopes that clients will enjoy his strategy of working collaboratively with the intention of giving them unique spaces that are customized to suit their preferences. His social media often gives glimpses into his varied design concepts and interior design works he’s been doing in his own home.

Temi Johnson is Running Her Own Design Business

Temi Johnson, the gutsy criminal lawyer from Hertfordshire, was the quarter-finalist of the show. Her last week on the show had been quite difficult for her as her husband had informed her of the passing away of a close friend of theirs, causing her to struggle with her decision-making. While her exit was heartbreaking for Temi, she has since turned a new leaf and is currently focused on turning her passion for interior design into a full-time career. She also freelances in law to help her manage the transition.

Temi runs Temi Johnson Design, her own design firm where she has been providing services such as e-designs and online consultations. Her design practice brings the elegance of vintage and antique into contemporary modern spaces. She has also transformed her 19th-century Scottish cottage into a cosmopolitan family home and that has earned quite a bit of press coverage. Her zeal for pairing vintage with contemporary led big publications like Glamour and Sunday Times Life & Style to publish articles appreciating her aesthetic approach.

Peter Irvine is Doing Another Show

Visual merchandiser Peter Irvine is currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After his time on the show, Peter shifted his focus to his interior design firm, Peter Irvine Design. Referring to his style as a “Natural Escapist,” Peter intends to design with the agenda of helping users’ minds feel relaxed and better.

In August 2023, Peter announced that he was set to appear in ‘The Salvage Squad’ on Virgin Media One. He continues to work part-time as a visual stylist for Marks and Spencer.

Ry Elliott Has Chosen to Start His Own Design Firm

Ry, the assistant interior designer from Kent, got eliminated in the sixth week. The experiences he gained on the show had propelled him to go solo and start his own design firm, Ry Interiors.

He hopes to provide sustainable designs using natural materials to make calm and soft spaces that make a person feel relaxed and happy. So far, he’s collaborated with quite a few well-known clients.

Charlotte Fisher Has Embraced Motherhood and Continues to Pursue Her Creative Passion

Ashtead’s lawyer Charlotte Fisher was one of the two contestants to face double elimination in the 7th week. Though she was disheartened about not being able to show the judges more of her design abilities, she has since moved on and now focuses on her personal and professional endeavors. Charlotte embraced motherhood in 2023 with the birth of her adorable son Elton.

Her baby was born with Oesophageal atresia (OA)/tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF) and Charlotte has since then been a vocal advocate of the condition to help raise its awareness. She is also the ambassador of TOFS, UK. On the professional front, Charlotte has worked on quite a few gorgeous residential properties.

Joanne Hardcastle Now Runs a Design Blog

Yorkshire’s foster carer Joanne Hardcastle was the other contestant to face the brunt of double elimination with Charlotte. Even though she didn’t get much time to showcase her design abilities, Joanne has let it get to her.

The fun-loving mother of three now runs her own design blog, ‘Hardcastle Towers.’ Her social media is a fun and quirky collection of her colorful and vintage interiors, design suggestions, and herself!

Buse Gurbuz Now Runs a Collective Design Studio in Cambridge

Buse Gurbuz, the Cambridge-based interior designer, was the second contestant who got eliminated from the show. However, Buse has preferred to use her learnings and experience from the show to rebrand her design studio STUDIOBUSE.

She has also founded Interior Design Cambridge, an interior design collective about assembling gorgeous and sustainable long-lasting spaces.

Karl Mok Has Chosen to Rebrand His Business to Promote Collaborative Work

Karl Mok, a London-based architectural designer was the first eliminated from season 4 of ‘Interior Design Masters.’ Despite not being able to showcase much of his design abilities, Karl took inspiration from the collaborations he’d done with the other contestants and chose to rebrand his business TA!LAB Design into Friends Studio.

He hopes to get all sorts of creatives to collaborate together on an array of design projects.

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