Intimacy Ending, Explained: Who Leaked Malen’s Video?

Netflix’s Spanish crime drama series ‘Intimacy’ or ‘Intimidad’ is a candid tale about revenge porn and its disastrous effects on the lives of the victims. Malen (Itziar Ituño) is set to become the next mayor of her city. When a sexually explicit video of her, recorded and distributed without her consent, surfaces, it threatens to destroy her professional and personal life. Meanwhile, high school teacher Bego (Patricia López Arnaiz) learns that her sister Ane (Verónica Echegui) has committed suicide. She meets up with Alicia (Ana Wagener), an inspector at the Central Information Technology Crimes Bunch, and is told by the police officer that Ane’s pictures of sexual nature were being circulated at the factory where she was employed. Alicia tells Bego that these photos might have contributed to her sister’s suicide. As Malen and Bego navigate a hostile world to learn the truth about their current circumstances, they find a loyal ally in each other. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the first season of ‘Intimacy.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Intimacy Recap

The series begins with Ane walking into the sea and drowning. Elsewhere, Malen meets with the city builders. Later, after a swim, as she is heading out, the news breaks about her video, changing her life forever. It is later revealed that she met the man, César, on a dating app. Her relationship with her husband Alfredo has long become strained. They live in separate rooms and seem to have decided to see other people. Malen is discreet and meets César somewhere in France. A whirlwind romance begins to develop between the two. She learns that his full name is César Barretxeguren. He is the youngest son of a prominent businessman. On their last night together, they have sex on the beach. The leaked video contains footage from that night.

After the video goes public, Malen encounters a mountain of issues both in her personal and professional life. Alfredo feels emasculated by what she did, while their daughter, Leire, goes into depression. She beats up her former boyfriend believing that he had shared their video together on the internet. It is revealed that she has violent tendencies. One time in the past, she hurt her mother.

On the professional front, Malen is told by almost all the male colleagues in the political party she represents to step aside as a candidate for the next mayoral election. She has the support of her mentor, Miren, but even the latter sometimes criticizes Malen’s actions. Miren represents an older generation of women in politics. As she later admits to Malen, she also faced sexual harassment about 20 years ago from a high-ranking party member. But she was forced to remain silent. In contrast, Malen benefits from being in public life in a comparatively more liberal society.

After learning what happened to her sister, Bego informs Ane’s boyfriend, Kepa, and decides to go after the people who made her sister’s life a living hell — her colleagues at the factory. She reaches out to Malen, who introduces Bego to her father, Juan Mari, an esteemed lawyer. With his and Malen’s help, Bego spreads the news of the harassment that her sister faced. Meanwhile, Alicia, who is also a victim of past harassment, investigates both Malen and Ane’s cases. At home, her girlfriend is ready to become a mother, but Alicia has her doubts.

In the season finale, titled ‘A Decision,’ Alicia closes in on the person that leaked Malen’s video. Bego makes a crucial decision about her future. Malen considers leaving politics altogether.

Intimacy Ending: Who Leaked Malen’s Video?

At its core, ‘Intimacy’ is a show about shame and control. Malen and Ane belong to different social circles. But the moment they exercise their sexual freedom, certain types of men come after them with their claws out. Malen, who is a public figure, experiences this in various facets of her life. For instance, her socialist beliefs aren’t challenged on the basis of their merit but on the notion that she is the one arguing them. But Malen has a fighting spirit and absolutely no desire to give up.

It is revealed that César Barretxeguren is a man facing financial ruin. His family has money, but all his attempts to find success in his life have ended up in failure. Shortly after Malen’s video is leaked, Malen meets up with César and accuses him of leaking the video. Although he claims that he didn’t have any knowledge of it in front of Malen, he calls someone after she leaves and demands to know why they had leaked the video. Apparently, the initial plan was that the video would only be sent to Malen.

César has a wife and children. Later, he gets beaten up by two mysterious assailants. His wife takes him to the hospital after he loses consciousness. After recognizing César from his tattoo, she leaves him and takes her children with her. César reaches out to his father for help, but the latter virtually disowns him. However, he still tells César that his wife and children will be taken care of.

César never fully recovers from the injuries he sustained during the beating and dies after driving his car off the road. His wife discovers the last phone call he made. She calls the number, believing that it belongs to Malen. However, a man answers. Thinking that César is calling him, he threatens her. Eventually, César’s father and wife decide to go to the police with the phone.

Andoni Segurola, a business rival of César’s father, is revealed to be the one that leaked the video. He has real estate agencies, and Malen wants to regulate them. And that was enough for a narcissist like Segurola to attempt to ruin Malen’s career. The video was recorded by a partner in César’s erstwhile production company. Segurola used César because he knew that his surname would draw Malen’s attention. He also found twisted pleasure in tormenting the son of a rival. After arresting Segurola, Alicia tells him that the injuries that César sustained during the beating were responsible for his accident, adding that he will go to jail for this. This prompts Segurola to reveal the name of the two assailants.

Who Leaked Ane’s Photographs?

Jon Aldaola, one of Ane’s former boyfriends, earlier leaked a sexually explicit video of himself, Ane, and two other people. After the photographs start circulating at the factory, he is the first person that Anne calls, believing him to be responsible this time as well. Although Jon tells Alicia that he didn’t send the photos to anyone in the factory, this turns out to be a lie. Jon is arrested, and so is his accomplice at the factory. Other workers who circulated the photos are forced to pay a fine and fired from their job.

The experience brings a sense of purpose to Bego’s life, and she starts working with an organization that helps women that have been victims of harassment. Malen reconciles with Alfredo, and they take Leire to therapy. Malen also receives an unconditional apology from the party leaders and becomes the next mayoral candidate.

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