Invasion Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Invasion’ episode 6, titled ‘Home Invasion,’ is the shortest episode of the season with only 33-minute runtime and exclusively focuses on Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) and her family. The tone of the episode is significantly different than the others as well. As the alien species make their first appearance and their hostile intent becomes immediately clear, the narrative begins to unfold like a horror film or show. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 6, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 6 Recap

While traveling to the next military base to help people along with other medical professionals, Aneesha learns that a school has been attacked. Suddenly, she screams out, recalling her children, and hastily gets out of the ambulance to make her way back to them. On her way, she finds a group of soldiers dead on the side of the road.

After reaching the home of the elderly couple, Aneesha discovers that her family is unharmed for now. One of the aliens invaded the house, prompting Aneesha and Ahmed to desperately try to protect their children. Aneesha’s subsequent act of heroism saves her and her children’s lives and can potentially save the world.

Invasion Episode 6 Ending: What Happens to the Alien?

When Aneesha returns to the home of the elderly couple, she initially finds the place to be empty. She calls out for her family, but no one answers. Several scenarios must have gone through her head at this time. Suddenly, she trips over something and discovers that it’s the mangled corpse of the couple’s dog. Fearing that her family has suffered the same fate, Aneesha begins panicking. The house then starts shaking almost unnaturally, making her realize that there is something extra-terrestrial there.

As she panics and tries to get away, the door to the attic opens, and the kind owner of the house offers her a hand. Much to her relief, she finds her family there, terrified but safe. The two families wait with bated breath, hoping that the alien will leave on its own. Ahmed eventually decides that they have to make a desperate attempt to leave; otherwise, they will not survive. But while he is moving the furniture pieces that bar the main entrance, the alien attacks him.

Aneesha escapes through the basement with her two children. Once they are inside a car, she starts the car and tries to get away when the alien breaks through the windshield. The bullets don’t work on it. However, when Aneesha stabs the creature with the shiny black object that her son Luke earlier found, it dies.

The object is clearly extra-terrestrial, perhaps a part of their ship. As the conventional weapons don’t work on the aliens, Aneesha’s discovery might turn the war in humanity’s favor.

Are the Elderly Couple Dead? Is Ahmed Dead?

Yes, the elderly couple are dead. The wife dies when she gets stuck in the crumbling attic floor, and the alien transforms her body in the same manner as the dog. The husband makes it to the outside and tries to shoot the creature. But the alien kills him.

No, Ahmed isn’t dead. While they are hiding together in the attic, the wife’s behavior rapidly changes. Faced with a life-threatening situation, she dumps some of her problems on the shoulders of the easiest target: an immigrant family. The situation quickly escalates from there, and Ahmed comes to realize that he must lead his family out of this house. Aneesha doesn’t particularly agree with him, and she and Sarah get temporarily separated from Ahmed and Luke.

While Ahmed is trying to remove the furniture pieces barricading the front door, Aneesha calls Luke to her. This is when the alien attacks Ahmed. Given what happened to its previous victims, both his family and the audience understandably think he is dead. However, after Aneesha has killed the alien, Ahmed tumbles out of the house. He is severely wounded, but none of the injuries seem fatal. Aneesha helps him get into the car before driving away.

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