Invincible S2E5 Post Credits Scene Explained: How is Allen Alive?

Prime Video’s ‘Invincible’ returns with the final four episodes of its second season, pushing further the conflicts, the ground for which had been laid in the first half of the season. While the fifth episode, titled ‘This Must Come As A Shock,’ focuses on Mark Grayson’s return to Earth, following the many months he spends with his father’s Thraxan family, it is the scene after the credits start to roll that gets the plot going. It harkens back to another episode, which had been particularly brutal for a character who was all but gone. The post-credit, however, not only brings him back to life but also makes him even more powerful than he was before. What does it mean for the future of ‘Invincible’? SPOILERS AHEAD

Allen the Alien’s Return Marks a Significant Point in Invincible’s Story

The last time we saw Allen the Alien, he was in pretty rough shape. When the news about Omni-Man leaving his post on Earth as well as a son behind reaches the Viltrumites, they find Allen, who is the only one outside of Earth known to have made contact with the father and the son. They try to get information out of Allen, but in protecting Mark as well as his people, Allen is brutally beaten up by the three Viltrumites and is barely holding on to life by the end of it.

A curious decision was made by Thaedus, the leader of the Coalition of Planets and Allen’s boss. He knew Allen was very close to death, but he still turned off what was basically Allen’s life support. Thaedus also apologized to Allen, which raised a lot of questions about who Thaedus was and why he wanted to kill Allen. Turns out, he was making a gamble. He didn’t really want Allen to die, but he knew that turning off life support would either completely kill Allen or bring him back even stronger.

The thing about Allen is that he was created specifically to be able to fight Viltrumites. They are the strongest species in the entire universe, and their killing spree across planets and galaxies has been unstoppable. Their desire to rule the universe has led to massacre and genocide, with Allen’s people in Unopa also falling prey to their ambition. With only a handful of Unopans left on the planet, Allen was designed to be just as powerful as, if not more than, any Viltrumite. It fell on him to not just protect his people but also to save other planets.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Allen wasn’t made strong enough. There was something holding him back, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never beat a Viltrumite. While the strength and power may have been engineered into him, what Allen had in his blood as a Unopan was perseverance. They were not the kind of people to give up easily, and this is what convinced Thaedus that Allen was in a “do or die” kind of situation after the three Viltrumites beat him to a pulp.

It had never happened before, so there was no way for Thaedus to know how things might turn out once he left Allen to his own devices to heal. But his gamble paid off, and now, Allen is back and much stronger. Allen’s return in a more powerful form is perfect timing, especially after Omni-Man’s arrest and the destruction of the Thraxans. While Mark as Invincible has Viltrumite-blood, which means he is incredibly powerful, he hasn’t yet unlocked the full potential of his powers and will need all the help he can get when the Viltrumites come for Earth. In that case, it would be great to have Allen working in full power and finally able to go toe-to-toe with the Viltrumites.

It must also be noted that back on Earth, Mark is trying to find a way to kill Viltrumites, something his father hinted was in his books. Perhaps, by the time Allen comes back to Earth, Mark will have figured out that secret, and by sharing that with the Coalition of Planets, the field would finally be evened out, giving them a chance not just to fight but defeat Viltrumites.

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