Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Post-Credits Scene, Explained

The mid-season finale of Prime Video’s ‘Invincible’ Season 2 gives the audience a lot of action and information packed in one episode. It’s a heavy one for Mark, who not only reunites with his father but also discovers that Nolan has a new family in Thraxa, whom he is more intent on protecting than he was to his family on Earth. By the end of the episode, the father-son duo faces an unprecedented threat, and both their fates are left on uncertain terms. But to take the audience’s mind off of the serious trouble, Mark is in now, we get a post-credits scene that alerts us of the dangers already on Earth.

The Post-Credits Scene Marks the Return of the Mauler Twins

One of the most consistent villains in ‘Invincible’ has been the Mauler Twins. Despite being a recurring character, they have been around in the scenes that turn the tide in the story of the show. They were last seen in Season 2, Episode 1, where Angstrom Levy’s plan to save multiple universes was horribly botched. He’d freed the Twins from GDA prison to build a machine that would allow him access to the memories and knowledge of all his alternate selves, which he would use to defeat Omni-Man and Evil Invincible.

When GDA discovers that the Twins are up to something, they send Mark to stop them. A fight ensues, and despite Angstrom Levy’s repeated pleas to stop, things get so out of hand that the entire place blows up. The blast destroys the machine, kills the Mauler twins from the alternate universes whom Levy called to help stop Mark, and leaves Levy with a scrambled brain where he can no longer differentiate between his memories and those of his alternate selves.

Another survivor of this blast is one of the Mauler twins. He is horribly disfigured on one side, with his skin peeled off. He lives to see another day, but this causes a complication in what comes next. The Mauler Twins worked on their clones such that none of them knew which the original was. They shared every memory down to the last detail, which made them identical copies of each other. This time, however, when the disfigured Twin clones himself, it’s pretty clear who the original is, and that’s where the trouble arises.

Now that there is a clear differentiation between them, the original uses his position to boss over the clone. This leads the clone to harbor resentment for the original, which gets worse when he feels that he is being bossed over too much. In the post-credit scene of the fourth episode, the clone poisons the original, killing him. This proves the point of the lack of differentiation between the original and the clone. They work better when they both think they are the original and the other one is a clone. With both unaware of the truth, they are truly equal. But this balance of power is upended when the disfigured Twin calls himself the master of the other one and treats him like a slave.

With the clone killing the disfigured Twin, things are back to square one. Now, when a new clone is created, there’ll be no way to figure out the difference between them because they’ll be identical once again, mentally and physically. But that’s not the interesting part of the scene. Before his death, the original was planning to create more clones. He didn’t want to stop at just one when he could create an army for himself. While the clone might not have agreed with him taking over the lead, he might like the idea of making more than one clone. In that case, the Twins would require a new name.

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