Is 365 Days Based on a Novel or a True Story?

Erotic-thriller ‘365 Dni’ is now being labeled as the Polish ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ because of its bold, raunchy sex scenes and striking cast. The film follows a very simple storyline that revolves around a gangster named Massimo, who falls in love with an ordinary woman, Laura. In a desperate attempt to make her fall in love with him, he kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

So far, the film has received a mixed bag of reviews but almost every viewer is impressed by its effortless and natural sex scenes. This, in turn, has led many into believing that the film could be based on a true story. Or at least, its sex scenes could be real. If you had the same nagging questions while watching it, here’s everything you need to know.

Is 365 Days Based on a True Story?

No, ‘365 Days’ is not based on a true story. It is, however, an adaptation of a fictional novel series of the same name written by Polish author Blanka Lipinska. Pretty much like the movie, Blanka Lipinska’s novel wasn’t so well received by critics but it still became a bestseller and eventually got its very own movie adaptation as well.

According to a credible source, in one of her interviews, the controversial writer also claimed that ‘365 Days’ was born when she was in a relationship that lacked intimacy. So through her writings, she created an alternate reality for herself and jotted down all of her own fantasies. This makes it pretty obvious that even the inspiration behind the movie’s main character, Laura, comes from Blanka’s experiences. Just like the author, even Laura feels disconnected and discontent with her partner in the initial moments of the film until she ends up meeting Massimo.

As most would already know, the film’s depiction of sex is what makes the chemistry between Massimo and Laura a lot more appealing. In another interview, Blanka Lipinska revealed that even during the filming of the sex scenes, she made sure that she was with the crew of the film at all times, guiding and preparing the actors. Speaking of the movie’s sex scenes, as viewers, we often forget that behind-the-screen, actors are simply simulating these scenes and a lot of technicalities go behind each of these. Unlike most erotic thrillers out there, ‘365 Days’ takes things a bit too far as its sex scenes often seem extremely real. Many viewers also expressed the same on social media, claiming that there’s no way the sex scenes of the movie could be fake. Check out some of these posts below:

As realistic as the sex scenes of the film might seem, many viewers would be disappointed to know that none of them are authentic. In an interview with a fan, the lead actor of the movie, Michele Morrone, revealed that none of it was real and only seemed that way because of “good acting.” Check out the interview below:

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