Is Amber Ruffin Married? Does She Have Children?

When Seth Meyers hired Amber Ruffin as a writer, she became the first African-American woman to write for a late-night show. The comedian and actress further exhibited her hilarious penmanship by writing the first season of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ on HBO. Luckily, she got the opportunity to make a giant leap from being a typical television writer to landing her very own late-night gig called ‘The Amber Ruffin Show,’ which premiered in September 2020 on Peacock.

As an anti-racism activist, she frequently shares her opinions on the traumatizing prejudice against a section in our society, and how the government helps (or does not) in the situation. The noteworthy entertainer makes sure that the grave subject carries a humorous outlook. Her most loyal supporter in this fight is her husband, who has had to unlearn a few things himself. Let’s dig a little deeper into Amber Ruffin’s personal life!

Amber Ruffin’s Early Life

The talented comedian’s passion for making people laugh kicked in when she was hardly 11-years-old. Ruffin could not overlook the adrenaline rush she experienced when her sisters uncontrollably cracked up at her random joke. In pursuit of the same thrill, she began performing improv in Omaha and eventually moved to Chicago to study at the iO Theatre.

In addition to the impeccable on-stage comic timing, she honed her writing skills with her six-year-long experience as an efficient contributor to NBC’s famous show ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers.’ Her much-loved narrations on ‘Drunk History’ and short segments like ‘Amber Says What?,’ ‘Amber’s Minute of Fury’ and ‘Amber’s Late Night Safe Space’ accrued significant fame and success, paving the way for her to become the host of a primetime show in her own name.

Amber Ruffin’s Husband

Amber Ruffin chanced upon her one great love, Jan Schiltmeijer, in a complete stroke of luck. In 2008, she decided to make the big move to Amsterdam from Chicago to establish herself as a writer and improv performer in a comedy troupe, Boom Chicago Amsterdam. But her work would frequently take her to New York City. Her now-husband is a native of the Netherlands who also happened to be in NYC at the same time and place as Amber.

They met outside a bar and struck up a conversation standing on the street. Forming an instant connection, the two started dating right away. Ruffin walked down the aisle for her Dutch-man in 2010 and re-located to Los Angeles with him after almost a year. Jan is a martial arts and boxing enthusiast but professionally works as a full-time painter. It is safe to assume that he looks at the world a little differently than most of us.

However, the comedian has had to alter his vision regarding racism and her daily struggle with it. She openly talks about how her husband could not understand the extent of discrimination people put their fellow beings through, and the realization left him livid. The interracial couple still faces issues, but the secret to their happy marriage is their honesty and speaking their mind out loud. They do not have any children as of now and seem completely comfortable in the cozy equation the two share at home.

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