Is American Ninja Warrior Scripted or Real?

Game shows are among the most exciting offerings on television since the element of an emerging winner is always a crowd-puller. ‘American Ninja Warrior’ stands out due to the extreme difficulties of the obstacle courses and the sheer determination and skill required to be a ninja. Several contestants have noted how hard it is to move that smoothly, within a specific time limit. Each season tests the endurance and training of the participants while putting them through the grinder.

Despite its immense popularity, some detractors believe ‘American Ninja Warrior’ might be scripted. We wouldn’t blame them, since several game shows do have embellishments which might ruin the purity of the experience. Here, we tell you how much of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is real.

Is American Ninja Warrior Real?

On the surface, a show like ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is impossible to script. There are thousands of contestants from all over the country, and it is impossible that everyone is in on the fact that it is scripted. Moreover, if the show were rigged, there wouldn’t be situations where fan favorites have suffered embarrassing failures. In some cases, ‘exceptions’ are made to allow them to progress – to keep up show ratings. Since the move only increases the total number of participants in the next round, nobody seems to mind. However, if the show were scripted, producers could have just asked for a reshoot to avoid the situation.

Moreover, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ rests on the premise that a season might not have any winners – so it is more of a test than a competition where someone must walk away with the prize. We won’t even get into the amount of training each contestant goes through before the show. While this proves that ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is neither scripted nor rigged, there are certain embellishments that are expected of anything that airs on television.

Firstly, the participants aren’t just chosen based on their skills – but also on the overall personality. So, it is not just about completing the course, but about looking good while doing it. Those who have seen the set upfront have noted that the obstacle courses are narrower than they appear on television. While we only see some of the participants attempting the course, the real number is far higher. Obviously, it is understandable that all of it doesn’t make it to the television screen. Speaking of edits, some viewers have noted that smart editing makes the moves seem more flawless. One contestant has indicated that the camera crew told him to do his warmup routine specifically so they could film it.

Apart from these slight interferences, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is very particular about how contestants are portrayed as well. They take special care to ensure that stories are not misrepresented. As a game show, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is as authentic as it gets. The slight alterations are only to add emphasis, and not alter the actual content of the series. At its core, the competition remains untarnished, which is more than what can be said for several game shows on television.

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