Amy Luciani From Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: All We Know About Her

Image Credit: No Jumper/YouTube

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ is an exciting reality show that documents the day-to-day lives of several hip-hop artists in Atlanta, Georgia. While it is exciting to witness the artists deal with common issues stemming from friendship, love, and betrayal, the show adds a generous helping of drama and romance, which makes things even more thrilling.

Similarly, fans were quite excited when ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ announced that Detroit-based rapper, Amy Luciani, would be appearing as a new cast member on season 11. Well, with Amy being a new face on reality TV, let’s delve into her life and find out if she is dating anyone at present, shall we?

Roots in Detroit: Amy’s Love for Hip-Hop

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Amy Luciani came into this world on June 3, 1990. Growing up in a loving and close-knit family, Amy developed a close bond with her loved ones, which she maintains to this day. Moreover, she believes that the people who cared for her are responsible for her success, as they continue to inspire the hip hop artist to this day.

Since Amy is originally from Detroit, she has been surrounded by the hip-hop culture since birth and was always fascinated by it. However, instead of taking up music full-time, Amy initially decided to make a name for herself through YouTube. On top of it, she even got acquainted with several established rap artists while in Detroit, which made it convenient for the reality star to switch to a career in hip-hop.

Amy Luciani’s Profession

After completing her education, Amy decided to try her luck on YouTube and started hosting The Amy & Mazi Show alongside Mazi GA. The two started their YouTube journey in 2018 and gained immediate fame when one of their prank videos went viral on the platform. Over the years, Amy and Mazi have uploaded different kinds of videos, including pranks, vlogs, and comedy sketches, which helped their channel grow exponentially. Moreover, they also started an eponymous podcast, which was based around the hip-hop scene in Detroit.

Although Amy Luciani has stopped working on the channel with Mazi as of the time of writing, she is currently exploring a career in hip-hop and making a mark in the music industry. On top of it, she also owns two independent businesses, namely, The Vendor, through which she sells customized wigs, and Pritty Kitty, a skincare line aimed at women.

Amy Luciani’s Former Relationship

Interestingly, even before starting her YouTube career alongside Mazi, Amy was propelled into the spotlight in 2017 when reports claimed that the well-known rapper Young Thug was having an affair with the hip-hop artist. At that time, Young Thug was engaged to his fiancee, Jerrika Karlae, who took to social media in order to call Amy out and label her as a “sidechick.” However, Amy refused to let the assumptions get to her and insisted that the rapper helped her in her hip-hop journey and even gave her several connections, but he never had any romantic or sexual intentions toward her.

Although Amy did not hesitate to put the ordeal with Young Thug in her rearview mirror, she decided to stay away from romance for quite some time. However, fate had other plans, and soon Amy found herself falling for her creative partner, Mazi GA. Amy and Mazi’s relationship was beautiful initially, and fans loved how dedicated they were to each other. Moreover, the couple had incredible chemistry, and most onlookers were certain that they would last the test of time. Yet, that was not to be, as the relationship deteriorated once Amy felt like Mazi was not giving her the time she deserved.

The hip-hop star claimed she tried her best to hang on and give her partner the benefit of the doubt, but the going got seriously tough. Hence, in April 2022, Amy took the painful decision to break up with Mazi, even though she was still in love with him. Naturally, the decision left her fans devastated, and although there have been rumors about a patch-up, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Amy Luciani is Likely Not Dating Anyone

From what we can tell, Amy Luciani isn’t dating anyone as of the present, and her getting back together with Mazi seems extremely unlikely. While Amy often shares snippets from her life and the memories she makes with her friends on social media, we are sorry to report that there has been no mention of a special someone in her recent posts.

The aforementioned fact, coupled with zero reports on a possible romantic partner, makes us believe that Amy is currently single and wholly focused on furthering her hip-hop career. Besides, she is also busy settling into her new role as a reality TV star, and we wish her the best for the years to come.

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