Is Beat Shazam Scripted or Real?

Beat Shazam‘ is an interesting game show that revolves around two teams who compete against each other in a race to identify a series of songs. While each correct identification adds to a team’s total point pool, the group with the most points at the end of round five gets to play against the Shazam app itself! Naturally, with so much at stake, viewers have often wondered if the entire thing is scripted. On top of it, there have been doubts over the originality of the quips and jokes used by the host. Well, with viewers eager to know the truth, let’s jump in and find out if ‘Beat Shazam’ is scripted, shall we?

Is Beat Shazam Scripted?

‘Beat Shazam’ has always been presented as an unscripted show, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. For a show to be unscripted, it has to do away with all kinds of pre-written scripts. Moreover, while the production team is expected to stay away from influencing the narrative, actions cannot be pre-determined or rehearsed before filming. However, that being said, the production team is always allowed some editing liberties to make the show more attractive.

Being a competitive game show, we can confirm that ‘Beat Shazam’ is completely transparent when it comes to the gameplay. Although the production team screens every single participant before inviting them onto the show, none of the contestants have any idea about the kind of questions or songs they are about to face. On top of it, even the genres aren’t specified before filming, and one needs to build up genuine musical knowledge in order to do well on the show.

Additionally, the show even harps on its unscripted nature by having contestants play against the actual Shazam app while viewers are handed a play-at-home version to try out according to their convenience. On the other hand, the contestants featured in ‘Beat Shazam’ are allowed to be themselves in front of the camera. Although most reality shows have some restrictions, including the use of expletives, the participants are never asked to follow a particular script or act in a specific way. In fact, whatever we see on screen is spontaneous, and nothing is pre-determined or pre-planned before filming.

Furthermore, sources claim that the backstories given to each contestant are actual incidents drawn from their lives, and nothing is fabricated. Interestingly, the one part in ‘Beat Shazam’ that users can point out as scripted has to do with the host. Since the host is already aware of the list of songs beforehand, he has the ability to script out his lines before filming. Moreover, even though the host reacts genuinely to the events occurring in front of him, there is a team of writers who help out with the jokes and witty quips from time to time.

Nonetheless, even with ‘Beat Shazam’ following most rules of an unscripted TV show, viewers should note that most reality shows are created for profit. Hence, the production team is allowed to make minor edits during post-processing to draw in a larger audience. However, these edits have a negligible impact on a show’s authenticity, and we can confirm that ‘Beat Shazam’ tries its best to remain as unscripted as possible.

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