Is Betty Pregnant in Riverdale Season 6?

The CW teen series ‘Riverdale’ is diving into the deep end of the supernatural and horror pool with its 5-episode event of ‘Rivervale’ that opens the sixth season. In it, we see the main characters embracing their best and worst sides. Betty (Lili Reinhart), in particular, looks forward to having a child with Archie (KJ Apa), who is just as enthused. In fact, she becomes quite desperate. So, is Betty pregnant in season 6? Let’s find out.

Is Betty Pregnant in Riverdale Season 6?

In season 6 episode 1, we see Archie and Betty, in the town of Rivervale, talking about their future. After a call from his mother, Archie brings up an important issue his mother wishes to address. Betty immediately assumes it’s about marriage and talks about how she doesn’t really see the point of it. However, Archie points out that his mother was just asking about when she can expect a grandchild. Smiling coyly, Betty says that she wants children as well but that they should take their time.

Later, Betty pays a visit to Dr. Curdle who informs her that she will have difficulty conceiving as she does not have viable eggs. He also mentions that she’s the fifth healthy woman in Rivervale to become almost infertile. Distraught, Betty returns home. Without bringing up her presumed barrenness, she asks Archie if they can adopt a child.

However, Archie tells her that he wishes to go through every single process of having a child with her. Agreeing like she would like to create a life with him, Betty quietly wonders how to overcome the obstacle in her path. Determined to regain power, reinvigorate the maple trees, and crush the competition that is Archie’s maple syrup industry, Cheryl begins to reach out to people with her pagan cures. It seems as though the town’s depleted natural resources, brought about by people’s refusal to follow the “Old Ways,” according to Cheryl, is the reason behind Betty’s inability to get pregnant.

At the Maple Harvest Festival organized by Cheryl, Betty defeats Archie in an axe-throwing competition and is crowned the Maple Queen. We see Cheryl and her girls awarding Betty with a “sin pie,” which forces the town’s sins upon the person who eats it. Later, at Archie’s house, Betty initiates sex with him after feeding him a bit of the pie. We see that one of the fertility poppets, investigated by Betty as a part of a cold case concerning the murder-happy Blossoms, is on the table under Betty.

Later, Betty and the others allow Cheryl to sacrifice Archie for the greater good. Betty points out that his sacrifice has enabled her to conceive; she believes she is carrying his son in her womb. After a thoroughly confused and horrified Archie is tied up, Cheryl stabs him and takes out his heart, stating that the maple trees and people of Rivervale and Thornhill will prosper again as he has shouldered the town’s sins.

In season 6 episode 2, we see that Betty is still pregnant. She tells Kevin that she’ll name her child Archie if he’s a son and Polly if she’s a girl. Of course, one might wonder why she’s talking about this since stated that her child is a son in the previous episode. But again, it is possible that Betty just thinks that she is carrying Archie’s son since it is too early to check through a medical test.

Nonetheless, after the arrival of La Llorona, things quickly go downhill. Known for killing children, La Llorona appears in Betty’s room one day and touches her belly whilst she’s sleeping. Betty wakes up and discovers a big wet handprint on her stomach. Later, a visit to Dr. Curdle reveals that Betty is no longer pregnant. It seems as though La Llorona killed Betty’s child or simply made it disappear.

Thus, Betty is pregnant until she loses her child due to La Llorona’s deliberate interference. Afterward, she is tasked with taking care of Baby Anthony as Toni sacrifices herself to become the new La Llorona and protect her son along with the other children of Rivervale. It is possible that Betty will grow to love Baby Anthony as her own son. But again, this seems to be the ‘Rivervale’ alternate dimension/universe so we expect something unnerving and supernatural to happen to Betty!

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