Is Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Scripted or Real?

Skinwalker Ranch in Ballard, Utah, is known as the hotbed of high strangeness and UAP activity, prompting Dr. Travis Taylor and Erik Bard to explore the secrets the ranch offers. However, the path has been pretty challenging, and for the first time, Dr. Travis and his team decided to venture outside the farm in order to study similar occurrences around the country. History Channel’s ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ carefully documents how the team tackles such sites and even focuses on the conclusions they draw from their data.

However, since the show deals with the much-debated topic of alien life, we cannot blame viewers for wondering if it is staged. On top of it, some fans are also eager to find out if such sites exist in real life. Let’s jump in and find out if ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ is unscripted.

Is Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Unscripted or Fake?

Since its premiere, The History Channel has presented ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ as an unscripted series, and we find no evidence to believe otherwise. As the term suggests, a show can be considered unscripted if it does away with pre-written scripts of all kinds. Moreover, while the cast members should have the right to act of their own free will in front of the cameras, the production team is expected to stay away from influencing the narrative. Additionally, unscripted shows do not allow any action to be pre-determined, rehearsed, and enacted at the time of filming.

We are happy to report that ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ ticks off most boxes on the unscripted show checklist; for starters, it does not follow a pre-determined plot. Instead, Dr. Travis Taylor and his team run their independent tests on each site that exhibited signs of high strangeness and UAP activity. On top of it, they use proven and widely accepted scientific methods to support their findings, and at times, even come up against obstacles that are impossible to overcome.

Interestingly, the show obtains another stamp of authenticity as the cameras document everything from the experiments to the results and challenges. In fact, there have been instances where Dr. Travis came up with undesired results, and the show did nothing to mask the failures. On the other hand, every single scientist featured on the show, including Dr. Travis Taylor, has authentic real-life scientific degrees. They are experts in their fields and know exactly what to look for in a place that has shown signs of extraterrestrial activity.

On top of it, we can also confirm that while the strange phenomena captured on the cameras are widely debatable, we are shown unedited raw footage, and there are no added audio or special effects to spice up the occurrences. Moreover, readers will also be glad to know that the sites featured on the show, including Skinwalker Ranch, exist in real life, and people have reported extraterrestrial sightings as well as UAP activity in such places.

Though the concept of alien life is entirely unproven and the basis of a massive debate, Dr. Travis and his team try to stay within the limits of science while attempting to explore uncharted territory. That being said, readers should note that most reality shows are created for profit, and a network benefits massively from increased viewership. Hence, producers have the freedom to make minor edits during post-processing to make the narrative more appealing and dramatic. Yet, this rarely has any effect on the authenticity of the show, and we can confirm that ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ is an unscripted series.

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