Is Big Time Rush a True Story?

The music comedy series ‘Big Time Rush’ revolves around four hockey players – James Diamond, Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, and Carlos Garcia – whose dream of forming a boy band comes true when Gustavo Rocque, a mega music producer, offers them the opportunity of a lifetime. As the story unfolds, the boys face numerous daunting challenges that stand between them and their aspirations. However, regardless of the situations that they find themselves in, the four friends manage to stick with each other and enjoy their dreamlike journey. ‘Big Time Rush’ is one of the best musical shows ever made, and it has millions of fans around the world. Curious to know if the story is fiction or rooted in reality? Here’s what we know.

Is Big Time Rush Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Big Time Rush’ is not based on a true story. The musical comedy series is conceived by the producer, writer, and director, Scott Fellows. He has never claimed that the popular Nickelodeon show has any basis in real life. Fellows was inspired to create ‘Big Time Rush’ by the 1960s NBC comedy sitcom ‘The Monkees,’ which revolves around a group of young men struggling to establish themselves in the world of rock ‘n roll. The comical adventures of these four men were once very popular in America, and the show used to have a huge fanbase. Scott’s desire to create something similar led to the conception of ‘Big Time Rush.’

At a private Newtown concert of Big Time Rush, Scott Fellows told the audience that he only wanted to create a television series. However, Scott unintentionally ended up laying the foundation of a successful real-life boy band. We often come across examples of a fictional story taking some inspiration from real-life events, but in the case of ‘Big Time Rush,’ real-life is mimicking Scott Fellows’ figment of imagination.

James Maslow, while talking to Variety, explained Scott Fellows’ approach to casting. He said, ”It was a crazy process, and a lot of us wondered why it took so long.” The actor and singer continued, ”Honestly, there were people who were better actors, singers, and dancers than me, but what Scott really wanted was four guys who got along and came from normal backgrounds and had great parents.” So, for Scott, musical talent was always a second priority, which is interesting since he was casting actors for a role in a musical. It seems that acting and a good, healthy dynamic between the actors mattered more for him.

However, it would be wrong to presume that the story of a group of boys unexpectedly forming a band and becoming successful is not realistic. In fact, one of the world’s biggest boy bands, One Direction, met each other by chance on ‘X Factor’ and ended up performing as a band when they were told they couldn’t be selected individually. The group went on to become an inspiring success story. So, even though ‘Big Time Rush’ is not based on a true story, stories similar to it do happen in real life.

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