Is Carver Dead or Alive? Is Jake Lockett Leaving Chicago Fire?

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Sam Carver’s posting at Firehouse 51 in NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ is one of the first intricate affairs Stella Kidd deals with after getting promoted to the post of lieutenant. After a rocky start at the station, Carver not only proves that he is a commendable firefighter but also that he is a “Firehouse 51 material” by forming connections with his fellow firefighters. In the ninth episode of the eleventh season, Carver risks his life to save Detective Pryma. The tenth episode of the season follows the aftermath of the same, depicting the impact of the explosion on Carver, alarming the viewers concerning his future in the CFD and Jake Lockett’s commitment to the show. Well, here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Carver Dead or Alive?

In the ninth episode of the eleventh season, Station 51 joins Detective Pryma’s squad as he sets out to capture Martucci. Pryma and the rest of the officers manage to arrest the criminal but the former gets severely wounded as a bomb pierces through his leg. Stella chooses Carver to accompany her and the two of them treat Pryma with a bomb squad officer. While the officer removes the bomb part by part, Carver administers IV to Pryma and tries his best to help the detective stay alive. Meanwhile, the officer succeeds in removing all the parts of the bomb from Pryma’s leg but the bomb turns on in no time.

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Although the bomb explodes soon, Carver gets saved by Kidd, who risks her own life for the well-being of her firefighter. The explosion startles the firefighter severely and he starts to panic in the line of duty. During one of the rescue missions, Carver even fails to make a knot for Kidd to save a man trapped inside a vent. Even though Chief Boden asks him to take some time off to overcome the shock of the explosion, Carver insists on working, only to make mistakes and not resemble his previous self. So, will the explosion pave the way for Carver’s departure from the CFD? Is Jake Lockett leaving the action drama? Let’s find out.

Is Jake Lockett Leaving Chicago Fire?

As of yet, neither NBC nor Jake Lockett has released an announcement regarding the actor’s supposed departure from ‘Chicago Fire.’ Although Carver seemingly grows doubts concerning his profession and his future in the same, Kidd succeeds in helping her emotionally. At the end of the tenth episode of season 11, they talk about the explosion and the lieutenant manages to help Carver deal with a childhood trauma that gets triggered after the explosion. Since Carver displays the characteristics of his previous self, it is evident that he will overcome the shock of the explosion and the subsequent panic to return to duty with his signature cockiness.

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Considering these narrative developments, we believe that Lockett most likely will continue featuring in ‘Chicago Fire.’ In addition, Lockett has already expressed his desire to have a lengthy stay in the show, especially to explore Carver’s romantic side. “It makes sense that there would be [a love interest in the future for Carver], and I hope there is. I think that’s always a fun piece to have with a character and explore.  So, I hope so,” the actor told NBC Insider. Thus, if it is up to the actor, we may not need to worry about Lockett leaving the action drama anytime soon.

After Jimmy Nicholas’ exit from the action drama, the last thing the ardent admirers of the show may want is another appealing cast member’s departure from the show. Therefore, let’s hope that we will see Carver in the rest of the episodes of the eleventh season. After dealing with the trauma of the explosion, we may see the old Carver from the eleventh episode of the season.

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