Is Condor on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Based on James Grady’s conspiracy thriller novel and its 1975 film adaptation, ‘Condor‘ is a thriller series that follows an idealist named Joe Turner who joins the CIA with the hope of reforming it from within. However, following an unexpected tragedy, his values are tested on the battlefield, and he discovers that a person’s true nature only reveals itself when they are in distress. Created by Todd Katzberg, Jason Smilovic, and Ken Robinson, the show stars Max Irons, Brendan Fraser, Leem Lubany, Angel Bonanni, and William Hurt. Curious to learn more about the show’s premise and where it can be streamed? We have got you covered!

What is Condor About?

Joe Turner joins the CIA at a very young age with plans to reform the civilian foreign intelligence service from within. However, before the idealist can rise through the ranks and get to a position where he can actually make a difference, he stumbles upon a plan that can potentially put the lives of millions of people at risk. To make matters worse, his colleagues are targeted and assassinated by professional killers.

So, before Joe could put his ideas of CIA reformation into action, he finds himself battling against the worst aspect of the military-industrial complex. When put under immense pressure, he realizes that the only way to test a man’s character is through adversity. In the battle for survival, he may have to do horrible things that he never imagined himself doing. Now, let us share with you all the ways you can watch the show.

Is Condor on Netflix?

Netflix has a massive catalog of televisions shows and movies to keep its subscribers entertained. Sadly, ‘Condor’ is not a part of its current offerings. People with a subscription to the streaming giant can instead watch ‘Designated Survivor‘ or ‘Fauda.

Is Condor on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will have to look for ‘Condor’ on other platforms since it is currently not available on the streamer. But viewers looking for something similar can alternatively watch ‘Treadstone‘ or ‘Prison Break.’

Is Condor on Amazon Prime?

The first season of the thriller television series is accessible on Amazon Prime. You can watch the first three episodes for free here. But only people with EPIX add-on will be able to watch the entire season.

Is Condor on HBO Max?

Since ‘Condor’ is not available on HBO Max, we recommend our readers alternatively stream ‘Person of Interest.’

Where to Watch Condor Online?

The thriller television series is accessible for streaming on Epix. People with a subscription can watch the first two seasons and the latest episodes as and when they release right here. You can also access the show on DirecTV, Spectrum, YouTubeTV, SlingTV, Stan (Australia), and iTunes (Great Britain).

How to Stream Condor for Free?

Epix, DirecTV, and YouTubeTV all come with a 7-day free trial for first-time subscribers, while Stan gives a 30-day free streaming offer. So, cord-cutters can use any one of these to watch the latest episodes of the series without paying anything, provided they do so in the given window of time. However, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online.

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