Confess: Is the Romantic Series Based on Real People?

The thrill of new beginnings and the possibility of a budding romance set the stage for drama to bloom. Naturally, Go90’s ‘Confess’ remains a riveting mixture of love, drama, and astounding revelations. Created by Lisa Berger, the romance series follows the story of Auburn Reed and Owen Gentry as they navigate their newfound love for each other whilst trying to ensure that their past does not become the reason for their undoing. Focusing on elements of love, loss, and abuse, ‘Confess’ offers new beginnings, risks, and secrets that could potentially ruin everything for Auburn and Owen.

Starring Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper, the mini-series that ran for seven episodes focuses on the life of Auburn Reed, who chances upon an art studio in search of a job only to develop a deep attraction for the artist who works there. While both Auburn and Owen take the step and begin a relationship, secrets of their past soon come to the fore. As the two struggle with the secrets of their past and make peace with their secrets, the series culminates into several plot twists. Given the realistic portrayal of the actors and the life-like storyline of the show, fans naturally wonder whether or not the story is inspired by true events. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers for you!

Confess is Adapted From Colleen Hoover’s Book

No, ‘Confess’ is not based on a true story. Adapted from author Colleen Hoover’s book ‘Confess,’ the series was created by Lisa Berger. With the screenplay written by Elissa Down, the short series focuses on the gritty themes of loss, love, and custody battles. Naturally, fans wonder whether the travesty that Auburn and Owen face is real or not. Despite its life-like themes that delve into issues like abuse, death, postpartum depression, and drug addiction, the story is not based on real events.

The narrative follows Auburn, who, years after the death of her first love, decides to move to Los Angeles to be near her son, who lives with his grandmother. While working at a nursing home, she chances upon a job opportunity at an art gallery, only to meet with the artist who is working on an exhibition based on anonymous confessions people drop through the mail slot on his door.

Both protagonists struggle with issues from their past. While Owen has to come to terms with the complicated relationship he shares with his father, a high-profile attorney, Auburn has to make peace with ghosts of her past and fight for her son’s custody. The show uncovers the trepidations of the couple as they navigate their feelings for each other and face the ghosts of the unending struggles of loss and love.

And so, while viewers may find uncanny likeliness between the characters and real-life stories, the story remains entirely fictitious. While Auburn believes that staying with Trey, the brother of her dead first love, will allow her to be near her son, she finds little respite in Trey’s emotionally manipulative and abusive actions. On the other hand, Owen is not just coping with the loss of his mother and brother in a car crash but also has to take on the burden of his father’s abuse of drugs. As such, the show deals with several crucial issues that aren’t unheard of in reality.

Even so, the series’ premise has been sourced from Colleen Hoover’s book, which is also a work of fiction. As the show walks through the challenging circumstances that keep Owens and Auburn apart, viewers are naturally led to wonder whether these scenarios are inspired rom life-like realities. As countless parents struggle to get and give up custody of their children, the narrative of the series seems true to quite an extent.

Despite the manipulative actions of Trey and Lydia, Auburn and Owen manage to eclipse the issues that plague them. From navigating their personal shortcomings to finding common ground, the show beautifully encapsulates unspoken struggles and so, even though the characters may emanate life-like realities, they are not based on a true story, giving creators the liberty to accentuate the narrative easily.

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