Is Cosmic Love Scripted or Real?

Like several other dating reality shows, Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love’ revolves around four individuals who are determined to find the love of their lives from among nineteen eligible singles. However, herein lies the catch as the four are helped in their search by an “astro chamber,” which guides them through astrology and even helps them discover their perfect matches. Yet, love cannot be mapped out; hence the contestants are also allowed to form bonds of their own, leading to an epic showdown between an astrological match and a real-world connection.

Although Prime Video presented ‘Cosmic Love’ as an unscripted series, some of the on-screen events do appear pre-planned. Moreover, one cannot blame fans for wondering if the producers have any influence over the sometimes unnatural connections formed over the course of the season. Thus, if you have ever questioned the authenticity of ‘Cosmic Love,’ worry not because we come bearing answers!

Is Cosmic Love Real or Fake?

Amazon Prime Video premiered the dating reality show ‘Cosmic Love’ as an unscripted dating reality show, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. However, one should note that adhering to the rules of unscripted shows entails that whatever we see on screen is spontaneous and completely authentic. Thus, in an unscripted series, the producers will never influence the actions of a participant and will stay away from using a script or recreating a pre-planned action. Nevertheless, herein lies a minor catch, as producers often try to spin the narrative in a specific way during post-production in order to highlight the most dramatic bits.

Regardless, ‘Cosmic Love’ ticks all the boxes of an unscripted TV show as the contestants are asked to open and free in front of the cameras. Speaking out against a specific person or event is encouraged, and while the participants rarely hold back, they even go so far as to share their past experiences with romance with the producers and audience. On the other hand, the producers have remained true to their promise of an authentic take on dating and have refrained from cutting out the participants’ personal opinions, no matter how controversial they may be.

Furthermore, the show adds another layer of authenticity by not meddling in the contestants’ interpersonal relationships and allowing them to engage in the activity they feel like during a date. Although the “astro chamber” plays an essential role in the dating process and even helps the four participants find their perfect matches based on astrological readings, they are never discouraged from exploring other connections. On the other hand, while the nineteen singles enter the show as suitable matches for the four main contestants, a few of them explore relationships with each other without any interference from the producers.

However, that being said, viewers must keep in mind that the show does take place in a controlled environment, and although there is no direct meddling, crew members might often help set up activities and scenes for the several dates. Moreover, as with most reality shows, producers prefer to put their own spin on the narrative in order to make it more dramatic and engaging. While this is done during post-production through some minor editing, viewers can rest assured that everything portrayed in ‘Cosmic Love’ is as accurate as can be.

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