Is Crystal Dead? Did Nuha Jes Izman Leave Yellowjackets?

Image Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

Portrayed by Nuha Jes Izman, Crystal is a supporting character in Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets.’ Introduced in the second season, Crystal is one of the members of the New Jersey high school girls’ soccer team who survive the plane crash and make it through the initial few months until the harsh Ontario winter arrives. As their stored food rapidly decreases, Crystal and the other girls make certain inevitable choices. Their erstwhile leader, Jackie, dies toward the end of the first season, but the cold preserves her body.

In season 2, when the survivors finally decide to burn Jackie’s body, things don’t go according to the plans. A deluge of snow falls on the fire, turning it into a simmer. Crystal and the others wake up because of the smell emitting from the pyre. It sends their hunger into overdrive. Convincing themselves that Jackie would have wanted this, almost all the survivors feast on Jackie’s flesh. If the recent events depicted in ‘Yellowjackets’ have made you wonder whether Crystal is dead and Nuha Jes Izman left ‘Yellowjackets,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Crystal’s Fatal Fall Confirmed

According to what has been depicted in ‘Yellowjackets,’ it’s safe to presume that Crystal is dead. After the survivors discover that Misty has put hallucinogenic mushrooms in their food, they begin to avoid her carefully. This is when Misty starts to get close to Crystal, a girl with similar interests. Crystal, who is interested in performing, gives Misty acting lessons.

In season 2 episode 5, Misty accompanies Crystal as the latter goes outside to perform a chore. Their conversation jumps from one topic to another, and they soon start sharing things they haven’t told anyone before. Misty admits that she destroyed the plane’s emergency locator transmitter, a device they could have used to contact civilization. Hearing this, a stunned and furious Crystal tries to return to the cabin and tell the others. Misty tries to threaten the other girl, but before she can act on the said threats, Crystal missteps near the cliff and falls to her death.

A panicking Misty goes down to Crystal’s body to see if the other girl is alive. Realizing that isn’t the case, Misty leaves the body there. The rising cold and storm soon cover Crystal’s body in the snow. When Misty goes back to the cabin, she claims she lost Crystal in the storm.

Nuha Jes Izman Has Likely Left Yellowjackets

With her character dead, it is safe to presume that Izman left ‘Yellowjackets.’ Izman spent her childhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. When the promotional for the first season began to make rounds, Izman hoped that they were making the show three years later, so she could have a chance to play a character in it.

Izman ultimately got cast after sending in a video of herself performing a fake scene used for the Misty auditions for season 1. After she was cast, she was flown to Vancouver for the production of season 2. To portray Crystal, Izman drew from her own memories of high school. “In high school I did that a lot,” the young actress told the W Magazine, reflecting on how her character mimicked Misty. “I would mirror my friend groups because I wanted them to like me so I wanted to be more like them. I was like, oh that’s a really cool way to play it because then the audience doesn’t know, does she mean something evil behind this imitating Misty or is she just trying to find a way to fit in?”

Izman made her screen debut in the fifth season of ‘FBI,’ portraying a character called Citra Susanti. Crystal is her only second on-screen role. Given the talent she clearly has, this is just the beginning of what will likely be a phenomenal career.

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