Where is Yellowjackets Filmed?

Image Credit: Kailey Schwerman/ SHOWTIME

‘Yellowjackets’ on Showtime is a survival thriller that follows a team of talented high school soccer players who get stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes. The show’s darkly twisted story follows the girls as they devolve into violent clans in order to survive in the wild, while a parallel narrative finds them almost 25 years later, in the present, as they deconstruct what happened all those years ago, and how it has affected their adult lives.

The show’s dual narratives are set amidst highly contrasting backdrops, recording the girls’ time in the wild and their present-day lives as adults. Are you curious about where this gritty series was brought to life? Here are the ‘Yellowjackets’ filming locations.

Yellowjackets Filming Locations

The show is filmed predominantly in Canada, with the production using multiple locations and studio settings for lensing. The pilot, reportedly shot in November 2019, was filmed stateside while production on the rest of season 1 was undertaken in Canada from May 3, 2021, till early October 2021. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used for filming the show.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The show is filmed in multiple locations around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In downtown Vancouver, the production team uses Finch’s Tea House at 353 West Pender Street and the Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall at 650 Richards Street for lensing multiple scenes.


Surrey, British Columbia

The Panther Paintball & Airsoft Sports Park, located at 19022 16th Avenue in the city of Surrey, also hosts the production team for filming. The sports park features one of the largest outdoor paintball and airsoft fields in British Columbia and has them appropriately kitted out to look like battle-worn wilderness.

Image Credit: Kailey Schwerman/ Showtime

Scenes featuring the airplane crash and surrounding areas where the show’s young characters find themselves stranded are likely filmed here, at the sports park facilities.

Burnaby, British Columbia

The show is also partly shot at The Bridge Studios, located at 2400 Boundary Road in the city of Burnaby. The studio facility boasts one of the largest effects stages in North America, where some of the show’s dramatic action scenes are likely filmed. Many indoor scenes from the story’s present-day timeline are also seemingly shot at these studios.

Los Angeles, California

The series pilot was shot in Los Angeles, California, which is understandable considering the world-class production facilities available in LA. Since the show did not have a series order at the time the pilot was filmed (in 2019), the best option was likely to shoot the pilot in a place where most of the production’s cast and crew were easily accessible, making Los Angeles the ideal location. There is no confirmation as yet of any further filming of ‘Yellowjackets’ in Los Angeles.

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